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Solimide® Polyimide Foam

SOLIMIDE® polyimide foams are a family of high performance thermal and acoustic insulation products. There are four SOLIMIDE foam grades: TA-301, AC-550, AC-530, and HT-340. All of the SOLIMIDE foam grades are inherently fire-resistant, lightweight, and environmentally friendly with virtually no offgassing/outgassing. They offer a wide operating temperature range from -196ºC to +300ºC.

Solimide TA-301 is utilized mainly in the marine and industrial markets. Applications vary and include thermal, acoustic, and vent duct insulation for naval vessels, sidewall and HVAC insulation for rail cars and acoustic insulation for mining vehicles.

Solimide AC-550 and AC-530 are aerospace grade products used by major airframe manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer, among others. Fuselage, air conditioning duct, and equipment insulation are just a few of the applications for these products. They are also used in aerospace applications where minimal offgassing/outgassing is critical. In addition to aerospace applications, AC-530 is used as expansion/contraction joints in cryogenic applications.

Solimide HT-340 is used across all industries in applications that require the highest temperature resistance of +300ºC. High temperature pipes and ducts, ovens, and night storage heaters, and a variety of high temperature areas on aircraft and in spacecraft are applications that use SOLIMIDE HT-340 foam.

Features of Solimide Polyimide Foams:
  • FLAME RESISTANT - Inherently fire resistant, SOLIMIDE foams emit virtually no smoke or incapacitating toxic by products when exposed to open flame.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Solimide polyimide foams are extremely lightweight. This translates into fuel savings and extra payload capacity.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE OPERATING RANGE - Solimide polyimide foams remain functional when exposed to extremes of cold and heat that would degrade competitive polymer foams. The foams maintain their flexibility even at cryogenic temperatures.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - This non-fibrous insulation requires no special handling.
  • ACOUSTICAL / THERMAL PERFORMANCE - Solimide polyimide foams offer excellent acoustic absorption and good thermal insulating properties.
  • PRODUCTIVITY - Solimide foam products are more cost effective to handle and install than fibrous insulation. They are light, easy to cut and fit, and readily adapt to fabrication with other materials.
  • DURABLE - Solimide foams show significantly greater resistance to damage than traditional insulating products. They maintain their integrity after long-term usage in a vibrating environment and when exposed to extremes of cold and heat that would degrade other products. Polyimide foams also have a high degree of chemical stability and are resistant to hydrocarbons, alcohols and non-concentrated acids.
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