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Laman UtamaPlexiglass - akrilik LEMBARAN - tersemperit
Plexiglass - akrilik LEMBARAN - tersemperit
QTY Ketebalan Jenis Cut Saiz (inci) Harga Per Piece Jumlah Harga
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Perkara Line Minimum.
    Pesanan Minimum: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International

QTY Ketebalan Jenis Cut Saiz (inci) Cut Toleransi Harga Per Piece Jumlah Harga
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Perkara Line Minimum.
    Pesanan Minimum: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International

QTY Saiz Jenis Harga Per Lembaran Jumlah Harga
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Perkara Line Minimum.
    Pesanan Minimum: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International

Lembaran Plexiglass (Plexiglass Extruded Acrylic Sheet) adalah kaca, papan tanda, tingkap atau bahan paparan yang kuat, kelembapan tahan & lebih jelas daripada kaca. Lembaran akrilik plexiglass juga boleh dibentuk haba tanpa kehilangan kejelasan optik. Lembaran plexiglass adalah ekonomi, tahan impak dan boleh dipotong ketepatan kepada spesifikasi pelanggan. "Plexiglass" sering digunakan sebagai istilah generik untuk akrilik. Dikelaskan sebagai Plexiglas® (satu S) ia adalah nama jenama Arkema. Diberi sebagai "plexiglass" (dua SS), ia akrilik generik. Kami menawarkan; Jenama Acrylite® FF, & Lucite® CP. Plastik Profesional menawarkan plexiglass potong ke saiz yang dihantar terus ke pintu anda. Lembaran plexiglass adalah bahan serba boleh yang mempunyai banyak kegunaan kediaman, komersial, perindustrian, dan profesional. Professional Plastics adalah pembekal plexiglass tempatan dengan 19 lokasi di Fullerton (Los Angeles / Anaheim), San Jose, Sacramento, New York, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Cleveland, Utah, Montana, Singapura & Taiwan . Beli langsung dari Plastics Profesional dan potong saiznya dan hantar terus ke pintu anda.

Aplikasi Khas: Plexiglass Windows, Shields, Halangan, Pencahayaan, Signage, Aquariums, Point of Purchase Displaying, Bingkai Gambar, Kaca Plexiglass Impact-Resistant, kaca seni bina, paparan runcit, tanda-tanda, pencahayaan, pengurangan bunyi, pengawal industri, pemeliharaan dokumen.

Plexiglass berwarna lut sinar telus atau telus? - Mana yang anda mahu? - Lihat Carta Warna
  • Plexiglass lut = Light & Shadows boleh dilihat melalui Lembaran.
  • Plexiglass telus = Imej boleh dilihat melalui lembaran (seperti kaca berwarna)
  • Plexiglass berair = Tiada cahaya atau imej yang boleh dilihat melalui helaian.
    Ciri-ciri Lembaran Akrilik Plexiglass:
  • Plexiglass adalah 17 kali lebih kuat daripada kaca, tetapi hanya 50% daripada berat badan!
  • Helaian Plexiglas dilindungi oleh Masking Filem (F / M) atau Masking Paper (P / M)
  • Menyediakan cuaca, kekuatan, dan kejelasan yang luar biasa

    Professional Plastics adalah pembekal plexiglass dengan lokasi di Fullerton (Los Angeles / Anaheim), San Jose, Sacramento, New York, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Cleveland, Utah, Montana, Singapura & Taiwan
  •    (Plexiglass akrilik LEMBARAN-tersemperit) Plexiglass - LEMBARAN akrilik - tersemperit

    Pautan Plexiglass:
    Carta Warna Lembaran Plexiglass
    Plexiglass Rods (Cast)
    Tiub Plexiglass (Cast)

    Alat untuk Fabrik Plexiglass
    Peralatan Fabrik Plexiglass
    Plexiglass Cleaner Polish
    Panduan Pembuatan Akrilik

    Kepingan Plexiglas tebal:
    Lebih 1 "Lembaran Plexiglas tebal

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    MAKLUMBALAS PELANGGAN — Plexiglass - akrilik LEMBARAN - tersemperit
    daripada 5.0
    111 jumlah penilaian
    115 jumlah ulasan
    Dallas, TX

    Our older home came with 1/4" plate glass on two built-in desks. Over the years, the glass was damaged, and we replaced each piece as needed. The Professional Plastics product worked perfectly, either side-by-side with the glass or on its own.
    Defuniak Springs, FL

    Product was exactly what we requested. It was shipped on time, but FEDEX delivered it to our competitors and did not want to retrieve the item until the next day. We contacted Professional Plastics and they pushed FEDEX to retrieve the order and deliver it on the intended date. It was 5 hours late, but no fault of Professional Plastics. Professional Plastics was excellent to work with and they helped us all the way through. We will make them our sole supplier of Plastics.
    Carmel, CA

    Our skylight was cracked from a large branch smashing down on it. We received the plexiglass from ProPlas within a week and it was perfect to size and looked great. I was very happy with the sheet and would use them again. Thank you
    Export, PA

    Came timely and was exactly what was ordered
    New York, NY

    Perfect It was exactly what we were looking for and affordable.
    Medina, OH

    I purchased this product to replace glass in a storm door. It is clear and looks just like glass. I am a 68 year old woman and was able to install two large sheets myself. LOVE IT. Also the product was cut and shipped perfectly
    Bradenton, FL

    I purchased this plexiglass for the doors to the cabinets I have built for my wood working shop. It's more durable than glass and enables me to see what is in each cabinet without opening.
    Service, delivery, and packing were all what I expected. Great

    Great folks to deal with.
    mt pleasant, SC

    perfect transaction fast shipping
    thank you
    Oro Valley, AZ

    Very good service - very good product - perfect fit
    Windham, ME

    Just what I ordered, fit the need. What more can one ask for. Thank you.
    Beaverton, OR

    The whole process was flawless. I needed a piece of plexiglass to be cut to specific measurements for use in a window to seal the installation of an air conditioner. Brad, the salesman, took the time on the phone to explain my options and his recommendations. My order was completed on the date promised. The Professional Plastics office in Tualatin even took the time to notify me that it was ready. The plexiglass fit perfectly in the window without any modifications. I'm sure this wasn't a big order for Professional Plastics, but they treated it as such, and solved a problem that was very important to me. I wouldn't hesitate to use Professional Plastics again and will certainly recommend the company to friends.
    Placentia, CA

    The ordering process was great. Team was very helpful in getting me what I wanted. The plastic is just what I was looking for.
    Fairport, NY

    This company ROCKS. Placed an order on Tuesday, received the order ON THURSDAY PERFECT dimensions to complete my antique display cabinet And, I saved at least $50 with them as opposed to purchasing at a local glass shop Thanks A Million
    Colorado Springs, CO

    great product, reasonably priced for cut dimensions. packaging was over the top.

    The plexi was cut the right size and was completely flat--something the local hardware cannot seem to get right.
    Wilsall, MT

    Very pleased with the panels I ask to be made. Measurements were as required and shipping package was very protective and secure. :)
    Niceville, FL

    Products were cut perfectly and were just what I needed to complete the project.
    Las vegas, NV

    Cut perfect worked great
    Rome, GA

    well done look forward to the next project I am glad this company makes it easy to purchase its plexiglass thank you vey much Rome, Georgia

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