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Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE

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Meldin® 7211, 15% by weight graphite and 10% by weight PTFE fillers (comparable to Vespel SP-211). It has the lowest coefficient of friction of all the Meldin® 7000 series grades. However, above 300°F, we typically suggest using Meldin® 7021, which has a very similar coefficient of friction to 7211 at temperatures above 300°F, and the wear factor of 7021 is lower than 7211 at temperatures above 300°F.
Features of Meldin® 7211:
Coefficient of friction = 0.27 - K factor (or wear factor) = 114 X 10E-10
Standard 12" x 12" plates (44% more material than a 10" x 10" plate)
Excellent Replacement for Vespel SP-211® from DuPont

Specifications - Approvals:
Meets ASTM D6456-99 Type 2, Class 3
Meets AMS3644 Class 4
Meets Mil-R-46198 Type 2, Class 3 (superceeded)
Meets Honeywell MCS5016 Type 2, Class 3
Meets Rolls Royce MSRR9205

Engineering Note: Wear and friction values change depending on the pressure, velocity, and surface finish & hardness of the mating surface material.
(MELDIN 7211) Meldin® 7211 15% Graphite + 10% PTFE

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