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Pro-F Line Release Films FEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV

OVERVIEW of Pro-F Line Release Films FEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV

Pro F-Line - Fluoropolymeric Films and Thin Tubes
Pro F-Line is the range of films, thin tubes and tapes produced from high-performance thermoplastic fluoropolymers such as ETFE, FEP, THV and PVDF. These products are produced with remarkable quality from the most advanced machinery. Pro F-Line films can be produced up to 2000 mm wide with a very sophisticated thickness control in the range from 12 to 300 micron. All these products feature outstanding chemical stability, wide range of service temperature, resistance to UV radiation, weather resistance, flame resistance and can be recycled.

Pro-FEP Release Film
High performance films and tubes. The special fluoropolymer provides outstanding resistance to chemical agents, a working temperature range which exceeds 200°C and excellent electrical properties, mechanical strength and durability. Typical Applications: Telecommunications, wire & cable, semiconductors, paper industry, chemicals, textiles, food processing, packaging, composites, protective coating.

Pro-THV Release Film
Provides a combination of performance advantages, such as low processing temperature, ability to bond to elastomers and hydrocarbon-based plastics, flexibility and optical clarity. Typical Applications: Automotive, chemical processing, multi-layer tubes and hoses, semiconductors, solar energy, optical fiber and architectural and protective coatings.

Pro-ETFE Release Films
Together with an outstanding resistance to chemicals can be used continuously up to approximately 175°C service temperature. Typical Applications: Aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, composites, greenhouse coverings, architectural membranes.

Pro-PVDF Release Films
Excellent mechanical strength and abrasion resistance, durability and good chemical resistance allow for a wide range of applications, with continuous operating temperatures up to 150°C. Typical Applications: Chemical processing, tubes and hoses, semiconductors, wire and cable, automotive, nuclear, protective coatings, food and pharmaceutical processing.

FEP and ETFE Release Films
Unrivaled non-stick surface, exceptional adaptation even to complex surfaces, wide range of service temperature, easy and clean removing from products and molds. ETFE and FEP release films (or separating foils) are typically used for compression and resin transfer molding composites.
  • ETFE is Translucent Blue Color
  • FEP is Transluscent Red Color

    Professional Plastics, Inc. relies on Dyneon™, DuPont and Asahi Fluoropolymers to grant the quality of its films and membranes. All of these fluoropolymers are made without using APFO (ammonium perfluorooctanoate), as a clear commitment to responsible environmental stewardship, meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Voluntary PFOA Stewardship Program goals seven years ahead of time.
    (Pro-F Line Release Films) Pro-F Line Release Films FEP, ETFE, PVDF, THV
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