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Materials used for indoor and outdoor signage and POP displays.

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    • Sign Tape - Hi Tack
      Graphic designers spend countless hours working to achieve just the right look for their clients. So when they've created special lettering, a high-impact logo or other graphics, nothing should get in the way of an ideal end result. That's why Main Tape has created a full line of products especially for positioning and protecting graphics.
      The results are nothing short of perfection:
    • Minimal errors in applying graphics
    • Easy to handle
    • No curling
    • A smooth release
    • No adhesive residue
      PerfecTear™ paper application tapes These tear cleanly, with no stringy, legging adhesive. They also provide superior performance in wet applications, with no gluey mess or time-consuming cleanup. Used for sign making, screen printing, digital printing and surface protection.
      PreView&trade: application films These tapes are ideal for easy registration of multiple colors. They laminate easily and lay flat for shipping.
      Screen Seal&trade: tapes These tapes prevent ink spillage during screen printing by creating an ink dam between the frame and mesh. Plus, Screen Seal wonÂ't lift or disintegrate when exposed to inks, solvents or cleaners.
      Stripe Guard™ pin-striping tapes Used in production of auto, RV and marine graphics, these crystal-clear tapes feature low-tack adhesives that wonÂ't leave residue, even after prolonged storage.
      Pallet Guard™ masking tape - Used by T-shirt printers, Pallet Guard protects pallets from spray adhesive and ink spillage. Best of all, it removes easily, leaves no residue and reduces overall clean-up time by up to 75 percent.
    • Signabond™ Lite - Aluminum Composite Signage Material
      Signabond Lite aluminum composite panel is available in 12 different colors and two different thicknesses, it offers more choices than any other composite panel on the market today. Signabond Lite is designed for flat sign panel applications and is easily cut and routed with everyday shop tools. Signabond Lite is easily your best choice for quality and selection in today's crowded aluminum composite market.

      Available Colors: White/White, White/Mill, or Black/Black, Red/Red, Brown/Brown, Royal Blue/Royal Blue, Ivy Green/Ivy Green, Ivory/Ivory, Burgundy/Burgundy, and Caution Yellow/Caution Yellow including two premium brushed metal finishes
    • Acrylite® SG acrylic sheet, the universal acrylic sheet for the sign market, is rigid, tough, easily fabricated and machined, and resists chipping and melting. It is perfect for channel lettering, flat and pan faced sign, and vacuum formed letter applications. Available in clear, translucent or opaque, ACRYLITE SG sheet consistently performs in both indoor and outdoor sign applications. Choose from seven colors or colorless. Available on reels.
    • ACRYLITE® SignFlex™ acrylic sheet is specially formulated for LED sign faces. This innovative acrylic product has a frosted appearance with unique optical properties that evenly diffuse light and hide LED hot spots without the use of a diffuser film. Offering superior impact and weather resistance, ACRYLITE SignFlex sheet is ideal for both interior and outdoor applications. The lightweight product incorporates a textured surface that works to hide fingerprints and scratches and helps enhance the service life of signs in high traffic areas.
    • MAKROLON® SL Sign Grade, available in sheet and reel, is an enhanced UV resistant product with exceptional weatherability and superior impact strength. Available in clear and nine industry standard colors, Makrolon® SL meets UL 48 for electrical signage. Makrolon® SL can be easily fabricated, thermoformed, and decorated, and has a proven track record of outstanding performance in any environment. With Makrolon® SL sign grade products, you can be confident your company image is secure. The terms of the warranty against breakage are set forth in the Makrolon® SL warranty, which is available upon request. Lengths and widths listed below are in reels.
    • StepStake® - Step Stakes for Yard Signs - Unique, patented design for quick posting of political, real estate, & other outdoor signs.
    • Lightweight, rust-proof steel design
    • Handy, quick-step foot pressure installation
    • Inserts into bottom of the sign board
      #SS-1, 2-WIRE, 10" x 30" - Recommended for corrugated signs up to 24" x 18". A second stake can be inserted at a right angle to the sign for more rigidity. - This is the most popular model.
    • Sold 50 per Case - Full Cases Only
    • GravoTac® raised letter signage - A growing favorite for indoor signage, the design of GravoTac provides the core (substrate) and cap (profile) layers separately. By outlining the desired images or text in the adhesive backed profile layer, and peeling away the excess material, GravoTac creates raised letter signage capable of complying with all ADA raised-letter regulations. The raised letter process is also a great way to create multi-colored signage with your engraving machine.
    • Celtec® PVC - Ultra White® UV Signage Board - Ultra White is an advanced PVC formulation designed specifically for outdoor signage applications where resistance to ultraviolet (UV) degradation is critical. Ultra White possesses up to 8 times more resistance to both surface oxidation and loss of physical and mechanical properties resulting from exposure to solar radiation, than comparable PVC materials.
    • PolyMetal™ signage board is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with aluminum face and back. PolyMetal is available in seven painted colors and 3 metallic finishes. The recycled core of PolyMetal will not corrode. These lightweight, durable sheets can be digitallly printed upon.
    • Sheet Sizes: 48" x 96", 48" x 120" & 60" x 120"
    • Nominal Thicknesses: 0.120" (3 mm), 0.240" (6 mm)**
    • Painted Finishes: Black, Green, Red, Blue, Yello, Almond, White
    • Metallic Finishes: Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Mirror
    • ACRYLITE® DP-9 sheet is the same product as Acrylite P-95 with the matte finish on BOTH sides for the same finished look from any viewing angle. Select from a plethora of colors with varying degrees of transmitted and reflected light from colorless to translucent to opaque.

      ACRYLITE® P-95 sheet offers transparent clarity when in DIRECT CONTACT with objects. Ideal for signs and displays, its one-sided matte finish reduces reflected light. This cell cast sheet comes in colorless, translucent, and custom colors. ACRYLITE® P-95 acrylic sheet has a velvety smooth surface on ONE side (SC) and is engineered to enhance a wide variety of design applications.

      ACRYLITE® DP-9 (aka DP-95) acrylic sheet is the same premium-grade cell cast sheet but with the velvety smooth surface on BOTH sides (DC) for a finished look FROM ANY VIEWING ANGLE. With its extremely smooth, soft appearance it just begs to be touched.

      Both products are available in a plethora of colors with varying degrees of transmitted light – from colorless to translucent to opaque. With its unique light diffusing surface, the options for using these velvety materials are almost endless: retail displays, furniture, interior designs, light fixtures, signs and all other applications where an elegant but trendy look is desired.

      Standard Product Specifications:
    • Sheet Sizes: 48" x 72", 48"x 96", 60" x 96", 72" x 96"
    • Thicknesses: .118" to .944" (up to 1.5" upon request)
    • Colors: Colorless, glass-green edge and a wide range of colors
    • Plexiglass Mirror - Acrylic Mirror is available in standard .118" (1/8"), and .220" (1/4") thicknesses, as well as, .236" (1/4") thickness as a special order gauge.
    • Please contact customer service for more size and color combinations.
    • Available in FULL SHEETS or CUT-TO-SIZE in Clear or Colors
    • Clear Mirror = Standard Non-Tinted Mirror (aka "silver mirror" - "standard mirror") Colored acrylic mirror is an excellent way to make a statement about yourself or your company. These colors can be saw cut to size or laser cut in custom shapes and sizes. All of our colors are continuously manufactured substrate with a non-delamination guarantee. Acrylic mirror is available in reduced glare, scratch resistant, adhesive back and custom masking on front and back (contact us for special requests).

      Applications for plexiglass mirror: - Ceiling tiles, lavatory mirrors, observation mirrors, fitness center mirrors, cosmetic compact mirrors, magnifying mirrors, disposable dental mirrors, sunglass racks, jewelry cases, signage, cosmetic displays, end-cap displays, auto backup mirrors, interior trim & accessories. Security mirrors, see-through security mirrors, inspection mirrors, children's toys, interactive learning toys, crib mirrors.

      NOT Recommended for Large Installations - Acrylic is not as rigid as glass, therefore, large mirrored acrylic sheets will tend to bow & create distorted "fun-house" like images unless mounted in rigid frame or flat, rigid backing.
    • Plexiglass Cast acrylic rods offer excellent clarify & machining characteristics when compared to extruded rods. This material offers good chemical-resistance & is FDA approved for food contact.
      Acrylic offers high light transmittance and can be easily heat-formed without loss of optical clarity. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion in water, does not significantly effect the mechanical or optical properties of this outstanding economical and multi-purpose material.
    • Standard Cast Plexiglass Full-Length Rods are 8 Foot Long
    • ACRYLITE® AR acrylic sheet, continuously manufactured sheet, offers excellent optical clarity and high impact strength with abrasion and chemical resistant properties. It resists marring and scratching from everyday public contact, daily cleanings, and airborne dirt and dust. It is useful for numerous applications, including P-O-P displays, store fixtures, menu boards, flat panel display monitors, signs & directories, LCD screens, and framing.
      ACRYLITE® AR P-99 sheet combines abrasion and chemical resistance with non-glare properties for easy viewing. It is ideal for picture framing and sign applications.
      ACRYLITE® Abrasion Resistant, Optical Grade acrylic sheet is continuously manufactured acrylic sheet offering outstanding optical performance. Its high optical quality, light weight and excellent impact strength make it the preferred material for LCD's, PDA's, projection television screens and multimedia displays.
      ACRYLITE® Non-Glare, Abrasion Resistant, Optical Grade acrylic sheet minimizes glare with a matte finish and resists scratching with an abrasion resistant coating. Used exclusively in the optoelectronics market.
    • ACRYLITE® EndLighten acrylic sheet is designed to perform uniform illumination and neutral color presentation throughout the sheet. ACRYLITE EndLighten sheet conceals light sources such as LED lighting inside the frame even in ultra slim applications while producing extremely bright signage. Applications include thin profile signage and poster panels for airports, malls, gyms, restaurants, bus stops, mass transit and outdoor applications.
    • Also known as Plexiglas® EndLighten
    • Grades include Acrylite EndLighten L, EnfLighten XL, and Endlighten XXL
    • Acrylite® GP P95 (aka Acrylic P95) is patterned on one side of the sheet. This added texture provides decorative effects and diffuses annoying surface reflections. The matte finish is available on one side only. Professional Plastics preferred brand is Acrylite® P95. ACRYLITE GP P-95 sheet offers transparent clarity when in direct contact with objects. Ideal for signs and displays, its one-sided matte finish reduces reflected light. This cell cast sheet comes in colorless, translucent, and custom colors. This products is also available in "Black/White" Acrylite GP P-95 which appears dark by day and, with a little backlighting, it glows white at night. This GP P-95 is manufactured from a special pigment formulation that yields 10-19% light transmittance when backlit, but appears dark and opaque without backlighting.
    • Acrylite® LED (truLED) acrylic sheet is specially designed for modern LED technology and is precisely adjusted to the color point of the LED. It is perfectly adjusted to the wavelength of the individual LED color in terms of transmission and light diffusion to provide maximum transmission and optimum light diffusion.

      Acrylite® LED (truLED) sheet delivers a brilliant appearance and is designed to eliminate hot spots and fluctuations in luminance, even in ultra slim signs.
    • Standard Thickness: .118" (3mm)
    • Standard Sheet Size: 80" x 120" (2050mm x 3050mm)
    • Colors: Two Shades of White

      Applications: - Acrylite® LED (truLED) is especially suitable for:
    • Channel letters, light boxes, backlighting in exhibition booths and store fixtures
    • Acrylite® POP Touch acrylic sheet has a slightly frosted texture on one side and a smooth surface on the opposite side. Specially developed to meet the needs for ADA compliant interior signage, Acrylite® POP Touch sheet yields optimal anti-glare properties necessary for ADA compliance.
    • Sheet Sizes: 48" x 96" and 61" x 97"
    • Thicknesses: .060"(1.5mm), .080" (2mm), .098" (2.5mm), .118" (3mm), .177" (4.5mm) & .220" (5.6mm)
    • Acrylite® Reflections Iridescent acrylic sheet creates dazzling color changes and dramatic eye-catching movement, all without specialty lighting! Radiant sheet magically shimmers with iridescent colors that change as the viewer moves. Using ambient light to create its own lighting effects, Reflections Iridescent sheet energizes P-O-P displays, signs, and store fixtures. It can be cut, routed, drilled, line bent, polished and thermoformed in slight draws or shallow forms.
    • New Look !!
    • AlumaCorr® Sheet - Aluminum composite metal sign panels permanently bonded to both sides of a high density, corrugated plastic core, are also known by the name Alumicore. The aluminum sides provide rigidity and durability to the sign, while the plastic core makes Alumicore a heavy duty, yet lightweight sign panel. Using an AlumiCorr Sign gives you a perfect option for outdoor applications, as it will not swell or corrode from the inside. AlumiCorr signs feature a factory aluminum high gloss finish and is warranted to not crack, chip, flake or peel. We have the ability to put vinyl lettering on your sign if there is a low amount of colors/overlapping, or we can digitally print on vinyl for unlimited color options

    • Available Colors: White, Almond, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Bronze
    • Thicknesses: 5mm and 10mm, single and double sided available
    • Sheet Sizes: 4 ft x 8 ft, 4 ft x 10 ft, 4 ft x 12 ft, 5 ft x 8 ft, 5 ft x 10 ft
    • CAB - Cellulose Acetate Butyrate is available from Professional Plastics in both Tubes & Sheets
      CAB Tubing combines optical clarity and scuff and impact resistance with ease of fabrication. It can be easily cut, bonded with cement and printed. TPI's CAB is UL rated. CAB tubing is ideal in any length for storage, packaging and shipping. Tubes are transparent and rigid with excellent dimensional stability and rigid with excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. They are strong, durable and easy to fabricate. It can be cut and sawed with standard equipment and is ideally suited for plastic packaging and tubing, especially for scientific products. CAB is available in FDA approved formulations for medical and food related uses. Stock sizes range from 1/16" I.D. to 6" O.D. and up to 8" O.D. on custom orders in a variety of wall thickness.

      CAB Sheet is used for high gloss vacuum formed faces in back lighted signs, especially small point of purchase signs. Designers of display units especially like CAB sheet for its deep-draw properties, ease of formability, and impact resistance. CAB Sheet is a highly impact-resistant plastic used for thermoforming a variety of OEM products for various applications. It qualifies as a Type I, Grade I material for Fabricating and Forming per ASTM D2411-69. Combining long-term weather resistance with clarity and ease of forming at a wide range of temperatures. It is adaptable to most conventional methods of heating and forming. It will form satisfactorily at temperatures ranging from about 230°F to about 320°F. It heats and cools considerably faster than most other plastic sheet used for forming outdoor components.

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