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Plastic screws made of tight tolerance machinable plastics. PEEK, Vespel, Meldin, Kel-F and more.

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    • PEEK Screws, Nuts, Threaded Rods & Other Fastener Components are available from Professional Plastics.
      PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic that offers chemical and water resistance similar to PPS, but can operate at higher temperatures. PEEK can be used continuously to 480°F (250°C) and in hot water or steam without permanent loss in physical properties. For hostile environments, PEEK is a high strength alternative to fluoropolymers. PEEK carries a V-0 flammability rating and exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame.
    • Vespel® SP-1 Machine Screw, Pan-Head, Slotted
      Vespel® Screws
      Vespel ® SP-1 Parts are high-performance polyimide shapes for the world's most demanding applications. Dupont Vespel screws and other parts offer a broad combination of temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, natural lubricity,wear-resistance and insulation properties. Parts made from DuPont Vespel SP-1 provide operating temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C (570°F), great plasma resistance, plus a UL rating for minimal electrical and thermal conductivity. Vespel ® SP-1 is the unfilled base resin grade. SP-1 provides maximum physical strength, elongation, and toughness as well as the best electrical and thermal insulation values.
    • Vespel® SP-1 Machine Screw, Flat Head, Slotted Drive - Vespel® SP-1 Parts are high-performance polyimide shapes for the world's most demanding applications. Dupont Vespel screws and other parts offer a broad combination of temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, natural lubricity,wear-resistance and insulation properties. Parts made from DuPont Vespel SP-1 provide operating temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C (570°F), great plasma resistance, plus a UL rating for minimal electrical and thermal conductivity. Vespel® SP-1 is the unfilled base resin grade. SP-1 provides maximum physical strength, elongation, and toughness as well as the best electrical and thermal insulation values.
    • The most commonly molded plastic screws are made from Nylon 6/6. They are tough, resistant to corrosion, light weight, and good electrical insulators. Nylon components conform to irregular surfaces, provide vibration dampening, and offer an inexpensive alternative to more expensive metal parts. Molded threads approximate UNC/UNF 2A and 2B. Metric approximate 6g/6H.

      Screws are also available in a variety of materials including: Delrin, Acetal Copolymer, Polycarbonate, PPS, Polypropylene, HDPE, LLDPE and dozens of others. The factory catalog contains more than 10,000 items, including screws, nuts, washers, spacers, bushings, panel fasteners, hole plugs, circuit board hardware, hose clamps, wire handling clips, cable ties, and more. Our plastic fasteners are molded in tough, corrosion-resistant Nylon 6/6, but are also available in a variety of other materials.
    • Meldin® 7001 Unfilled Polyimide Rods & Plates offer superior mechanical properties & high chemical resistance. Meldin® 7001 is ideal for electrical and thermal insulating applications. More ductile than ceramics, and lighter weight than metals, Meldin® 7001 is a popular choice for structural parts in aerospace and other applications where metal replacement is desirable. In Semiconductor Wafer Processing applications, the plasma etch rate of Meldin® 7001 is 10% to 20% lower than Vespel® SP-1 providing superior performance over time. (contact us for complete details). Meldin® 7001 is an excellent replacement for Vespel® SP-1

      Meldin 7001 products feature operational temperatures of 600ºF for continuous operation and 900ºF for intermittent exposure, and tight tolerances of ±0.001 in. on both ODs and IDs. The 7001 grade is suitable for high-temperature structural, high-purity semiconductor, and welding component applications.

      We offer Meldin® screws is a wide range of types and sizes including pan head, flat head, hex head, socket head and customs screws to your specifications.
    • Also see Meldin 7001 Rods & Plates
    • PCTFE (Kel-F) fasteners includes screws, bolts, thumb screws, cap screws, nuts, washers, spacers, shoulder bushings, screw insulators, threaded rod and many other PCTFE items. PCTFE parts are manufactured to ANSI and DIN standards.

      Kel-F - PCTFE (PolyChloroTriFluoroEthylene) Kel F is a fluorocarbon-based polymer and is commonly abbreviated PCTFE. PCTFE offers the unique combination of physical and mechanical properties, nonflammability, chemical resistance, near zero moisture absorption, and excellent electrical properties. These characteristics cannot be found in any other thermoplastic fluoropolymer with a useful temperature range of -400°F to +400°F. PCTFE also has extremely low outgassing, making it well suited for use in aerospace and flight applications.
    • Custom prints for Kel-F PTCFE fasteners and components can be sent in all standard formats.
    • Kel-F (PCTFE) parts are used in the Semiconductor, Aerospace, Chemical and Electronics Instries.
    • Plastic Parts - CNC Machined.
      Professional Plastics and it's partners can provide precision turn-key plastic parts to your specifications. We offer the widest variety of high-performance engineering plastics in the industry and have a well-established record as a quality supply partner to companies in the aerospace and semiconductor industries. Precision manufactured pastic parts are available from more than 500 different materials including thermoplastics, thermoset laminates and composites and cermic materials.

    • For a competitive price & fast turn-around, E-mail or Fax us your CAD drawing of your cnc plastic parts now.
    • E-Mail: Phone (888) 995-7767 or Fax (866) 776-7527

      Parts include: Bearings, Sheaves, Washers, Thrust Washers, Guide Rails, Machine Guards, Wear Pads, Clamping Rings, Retaining Rings, Screws, Sliders, Bumpers, Rollers, Splines, Insulators, Lantern Rings, Nests, Sockets, Manifolds, Valves, Clamps, Seal Rings, Valve Seats, Layrinth Seals, Wear Rings, Seals, Mandrels, Connectors, Spur Gears and more.

      Don't know what material to use ? - Try our Material Design Tool - Sortable Material Data Sheets.
    • UHMW Sheets and UHMW Rods (Virgin Grade) UHMW-PE - PE1000 offers a combination of excellent properties – outstanding abrasion resistance, superior impact resistance, non-sticking and self-lubricating properties and excellent mechanical properties, even in cryogenic conditions. UHMW Sheet and Rods reduce noise from impact & vibration. It is a self-lubricating material that is chemical, corrosion, and wear-resistant. This material is well-suited for drag conveyor flights, paddles, sprockets, and feed screws.
    • Available in several filled grades including high-temperature, ceramic-filled, conductive & ESd versions.
    • ABS - Machine Grade ABS - Engineering Grade Sheets & Rods. ABS has perhaps the best balance of properties when cost is a factor. It has good chemical & stress-resistance, as well as, a combination of toughness with rigidity & creep resistance.

      Engineering Grade ABS is available in Rods & Sheets to customer specifications:
      ABS Rods are produced up to 6" diameter in standard 8 foot lengths (Prices Listed Per Foot).

      ABS Sheets / Plates are available in two types - Compression-Molded or Extruded:
    • Compression Molded Sheets are available up to 4" thick in 48" x 96"
    • Standard Thickness Tolerance of Compression-Molded Sheets is +/-10%.
      - PLUS ONLY Compression-Molded Sheets are available upon request at an additional cost.
    • Extruded Sheets are produced up to 24" x 48", and are sold upon special request only.
      - Note: Extruded Sheets have a better thickness tolerance than molded sheets. (also more expensive)
    • Acetal Hexagonal Bar is typically used for the manufacture of plastic fasteners and standoffs. This lightweight, moisture and corrosion resistant material is relatively tough and inexpensive. It is also easy to machine.
    • Also see Nylon Hexagonal Bar.
    • Acetal Sheets and Acetal Rods (aka POM) acetal copolymer provides high strength and stiffness coupled with enhanced dimensional stability and ease of machining. As a semi-crystalline material, acetal is also characterized by a low coefficient of friction and good wear properties especially in wet environments. Because of its high strength, modulus, and resistance to impact and fatigue, Acetal is used as a weight-saving metal replacement. Acetal copolymer overcomes the common problem of centerline porosity in large shapes of Acetal Homopolymer (aka Delrin)
      • Acetal Copolymer is preferred to Delrin® (Acetal Homopolymer) where centerline porosity is a concern.
      • Acetal Copolymer is produced under several brand names including Celcon®, Ultraform® & Acetron®.
    • Boltaron® 6800 Sheet is ABS/PVC alloy press-laminated flame resistant material. It is developed specifically in adherence with aviation seat manufacturers' stringent requirements. BOLTARON 6800 Sheet exhibits such characteristics as: good hot tear strength, accurate reproduction of mold detail, deep draw without distortion, minimal moisture, and wide forming range. BOLTARON 6800 Sheet has been used extensively by seat manufacturers worldwide for more than 30 years.
    • Types of Tyton Cable Ties:
    • Standard Cable Ties - These all-purpose cable ties are designed to bundle and secure wires, cables, hoses and more. Made of PA66 material, standard cable ties are available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, in a variety of lengths and colors.
    • Standard Cable Ties - Special Materials - These cable ties are made in specialty polymer materials for applications in extreme environments. Available materials include heat resistant, UV stable and chemical resistant polymers with varying levels of humidity tolerance.
    • Heavy Duty Cable Ties - Available in 120 to 250 pound tensile strengths, heavy duty cable ties are available in longer lengths for securing larger bundles.
    • Wide Strap Cable Ties - These ties have a wide-yet-flexible strap that conforms to bundles to minimize pinching. Available in 120 pound tensile strength, in lengths for securing a variety of bundle sizes.
    • Outside Serrated Cable Ties - Outside serrated ties are designed to minimize abrasion on sensitive wires, cables and hoses.
    • Open Head Q Ties - Q Ties feature an open head and unique tail design to allow quick and easy application. Use with Q Mounts and Q Tags for a complete cable management system.
    • Releasable Cable Ties - Releasable cable ties are designed for easy removal and reuse.
    • Clamp Ties - Clamp ties feature a unique head design that provides an even, consistent compression around soft rubber hoses including fuel, water and air vacuum lines.
    • Double Head Cable Ties - These ties create two loops to allow separation and harnessing of two wire, cable or hose bundles. The tie's second loop maybe secured around a fixed object to secure the bundle without the need for additional fasteners.
    • Identification Cable Ties - Identification cable ties feature an integrated labeling area for pre-printed or manual write-on labeling.
    • Stainless Steel Cable Ties - Stainless steel cable ties provide maximum tensile strength and excellent heat, chemical and corrosion resistance for securing wire, cable and hose bundles in extreme environments.
    • Cable Ties - Special Function - HellermannTyton offers a variety of cable ties with unique features for use in specialized applications.
    • Cable Ties for Automatic Tools - Available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, these cable ties and closures come packaged in bandoliers and reels for use with HellermannTyton automatic cable tie fastening tools.
    • Hook and Loop Grip Ties - Grip Ties are made with soft, flexible materials and a releasable hook and loop closure that is ideal for applications requiring repetitive access to cable and wire.
    • CPVC Hexagonal Bar - Hexagonal CPVC shapes are used in component fabrication. Items such as nuts, bolts, washers and spacers can be readily machined from these items to provide durable corrosion-resistant components. Emphasis is placed on providing extrusions with minimal sink and smooth surfaces for dimensional consistency and easy reproduction of machined components.
    • Delrin® AF Blend (Delrin® AF Blend with13% PTFE [Standard Grade] ) Delrin AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. It is a combination of PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin® acetal resin.
    • Delrin® AF Blend typically includes 13% PTFE Fibre-Filled
    • LF-13 is always a 13% PTFE Powder-Filled.
    • Also available in Full-Strength Delrin 100AF - 20% PTFE on a Custom Order Basis.
    • DE588 is a Delrin® 100AF fully-certified for US Naval Specifications.
    • DELRIN® Sheets and Delrin Rods have many of the same characteristics of industrial metals such as brass, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel. Delrin is a homopolymer acetal (POM). Some of Delrin's comparable properties include stiffness, dimensional stability, impact resistance, and structural strength. Delrin® 150 is standard general purpose, unfilled acetal. This grade has the best impact toughness of all unfilled Delrin products. Delrin® 150 SA was discontinued in 2003 & replaced by Delrin 150.
    • Delrin Rods are Produced in Standard 8 Foot Lengths. (Maximum Length is 8 Foot)
    • Dowel pins made from high-strength synthetic materials such as PVC, Nylon, Extren & phenolics allow designers & builders to push the limiitations of construction & cabinet building. These pins are very strong, stable & are manufacturered to much tighter tolerances than standard wooden dowels. Diameters are supplied to +.003"/-000.
    • PVC Dowel Pins are Dark Gray in color & offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and is very economical.
    • Nylon Dowel Rods are Light Yellow in color & have high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity.
    • Extren Dowel Rods are White in color & are lightweight, extremely rigid & strong. They are made from fiberglass polyester.
    • Canvas Phenolic Dowel Rods (pictured here) are Brown in color & have good mechanical and impact strength. Canvas is durable, stable & looks similar to wood but has a strength that is many times stronger than any hardwood.
    • Note: These Dowel Rods do not have chamfered edges. You may need to chamfer the edge prior to use for easy insert. Rods are standard 48" long, rather than 36" long as is standard with wooden dowels.
    • FEP Rods & Sheets
      FEP is a relatively soft thermoplastic with lower tensile strength, wear resistance, and creep resistance than many other engineering plastics. However, FEP is chemically inert and has a low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance, a low coefficient of friction, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, retention of properties after service at 400°F (204°C) with useful properties at -454°F (-270°C), and meets FDA 21CFR.177.1550. FEP has high transparency (with good transmittance of UltraViolet and visible wavelengths.) FEP offers the lowest refractive index of all thermoplastics with low light reflection (the same as water.)
    • FEP stands for Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene.
    • Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H) material offers a unique combination of both ceramics and PTFE, and was originally developed for UHF heat-sinking applications. It gives a slightly-better dielectric constant compared to standard Teflon, and has about 8 Times the thermal conductivity of Virgin PTFE. It is easy to machine and is available in rod, sheet and tape. Fluoroloy has high insulative properties, and is widely used in the microwave industry as an alternative to virgin and glass-filled PTFE.
    • Note: This product is made to order. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.
    • If faster service is needed, please contact customer service.
    • G-10/FR-4 Rods (G10 Rods) are produced from woven glass fabric epoxy laminate sheets which are cut, turned & precision-ground into into rods. Engineered to provide NEMA grade FR-4 properties. This material contains bromine on the epoxy resin backbone. G-10/FR-4 material meets the standard specifications of G-10, but is also UL94V-0, (thus named G-10/FR4). All standard G-10 sold by Professional Plastics is supplied in the premium version of G-10/FR-4 which meets Mil-I-24768/27.

      For Non-Brominated G-10, call customer service & specify "G-10, Non-Brominated to meet Mil-I-24768/2.
    • Non-Brominated G-10 contains no halogens & is available as a Custom Order Only & is only rated as UL94-HB.

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