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Paparkan Lembaran Plexiglass - Generik

Hitung Kos Lembaran untuk Lembaran Plexiglass yang jelas - Generik

QTY Ketebalan Jenis Cut Saiz (inci) Harga Per Piece Jumlah Harga
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Perkara Line Minimum.
    Pesanan Minimum: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Hitung Kos Cut-To-Size untuk Lembaran Plexiglass yang jelas - Generik

QTY Ketebalan Jenis Cut Saiz (inci) Cut Toleransi Harga Per Piece Jumlah Harga
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Perkara Line Minimum.
    Pesanan Minimum: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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TINJAUAN KEPUTUSAN Plexiglass Lembaran - Generik

Lembaran Akrilik Plexiglass Jernih - Ukuran Potong dan Saiz Piawai
Lembaran Akrilik yang jelas menawarkan kejelasan, kekuatan hentaman dan prestasi ekonomi yang sangat baik dalam bahan plastik ringan. Lembaran plexiglass adalah istilah rujukan umum untuk kepingan akrilik. Apabila dieja sebagai Plexiglas® (satu S) ia merujuk kepada jenama Arkema. Apabila dieja sebagai plexiglass (dua SS), pengguna tidak khusus jenama dan dianggap mencari lembaran akrilik generik. Item di bawah adalah kepingan akrilik GENERIK. Plexiglas® adalah nama dagang Arkema yang berdaftar & bukan jenama yang biasanya diedarkan oleh Professional Plastics.
Catatan: Produk ini saat ini mendapat permintaan tinggi untuk Retail Sneeze Guards, Pharmacy Windows & Protective Shields untuk kemudahan ujian coronavirus.
  • Pengawal Bersin Plexiglass Countertop
  • Helaian lebih kecil dari 48 "x 96" akan mempunyai Toleransi Pemotongan +/-. 125 "kecuali dinyatakan sebaliknya.
  • CIRI DAN MANFAAT Lembaran Plexiglass yang jelas - Generik

    Catatan: Produk ini saat ini mendapat permintaan tinggi untuk Retail Sneeze Guards, Pharmacy Windows & Protective Shields untuk kemudahan ujian coronavirus.

  • Lembaran Akrilik Berwarna - DIKECUALIKAN (Pesan Dalam Talian - Lembaran Berwarna / Berwarna)
  • Helaian Akrilik Berwarna ATAU TEPAT - CAST (Pesan Dalam Talian - Helaian Berwarna / Berwarna)

    Stok di semua lokasi Profesional Plastik juga, penghantaran segera ke: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Orlando, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Austin, Virginia Beach, Providence, Nashville, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Memphis, Louisville, Richmond, Oklahoma City, Hartford, New Orleans, Raleigh, Birmingham, Salt Lake City, Rochester, NY .
  • (PLEXIGLASS - CLEAR - Generik - Web sahaja) Lembaran Plexiglass yang jelas - Generik

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    Pengawal Bersin Plexiglass Countertop
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    MAKLUMBALAS PELANGGAN — Paparkan Lembaran Plexiglass - Generik
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    Armando said..
    Madera, CA

    Very happy with my purchase will buy again soon
    Doug said..
    Phoenix, AZ

    The product was exactly what I wanted Using it to cover a wall of dog show wins
    Matt said..
    Hilo, HI

    High quality plexiglass material
    Ordering was incredibly easy.
    Very impressed with how quickly order was shipped.
    Plexiglass was packaged with extraordinary care
    Professional Plastics is the vendor of choice
    Fikadu said..
    Hyattsville, MD

    I have bought the plexiglass to make a snizz shield. It is perfect. I love professional plastic s.
    Marie said..
    Beaver, OR

    Came promptly and was just what I wanted. Would highly recommend
    kerry said..
    Southlake, TX

    I love Professional Plastics They made my order easy and was all done online Super company and employees
    RIchard said..
    Converse, TX

    Ordering was incredibly easy. I was very impressed with how quickly they shipped. And the plexiglass was packaged with extraordinary care I'll buy again
    Tim said..
    Key West, FL

    TWH Investments LLC out of Florida. Very Happy with Everthing. Thanks for helping with my rental properties.
    Merritt said..
    Norristown, PA

    Quality acrylic with great clarity for a good price. I'm using these for signage with large vinyl decals. Well packaged. Could have shipped quicker.
    b said..
    hermann, MO

    Great company to deal with VERY FAST service. I received my order in just 3 days although I didn't get a email to let me know it was on the way I was till very happy and will be calling them again in the future. The price was better than the 3 other places I checked by quite a bit and the 8 sheets I ordered were perfect. Thank you
    Simon said..
    Westminster, CO

    Perfect Cut precisely, well packaged and protected for shipping. 4 sheets delivered promptly. Exactly what I ordered, and I am VERY happy.
    Geri said..
    Macomb, MI

    The product I ordered was perfectly made and fit my project exactly. I did have an issue with shipping, but customer service handled it immediately and addressed my concerns over and above my expectations. I will certainly purchase products from this company again - and will recommend them to my family and friends. I am extremely satisfied.
    George said..
    La Verne, CA

    I purchased two 2'x2' pieces. I works perfectly for my project. Very clean and easy to dremel a design. Shipping was a bit much so next time I will drive down and pick up. I needed it delivered this time. If I am able to sell what I am making, I will be ordering some more Thank you...
    Michael said..
    Longboat Key, FL

    First class product first class service..You guys are real pro's we will definitely use you again
    Thank you.
    Longboat Key, Florida
    Olga said..
    Fairfax, VA

    I'm very satisfied with the product. It was a part of my shelf project, Perfect fit. Looks great.
    Al said..

    Exactly what I asked for. Item was priced great, and it came in quick. Also, I was worried about it arriving cracked during shipping, but it was packaged so well - I knew I had no worries when I opened it. If I ever need something like this again, I will definitely use this company
    Raymond said..
    Fort Garland, CO

    I ordered 4x4 sheets for the picture frames I make and they were perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for and I will definitely order again. Thank you
    Cherie said..
    Bryan, TX

    Perfect fit for kitchen I recently had my kitchen remodeled and my backsplash is all stone. I was very concerned about grease/food splattering all over my new kitchen backsplash where my stove is so I ordered the plexiglass to protect the backsplash Perfect fit Now I don't have to worry about ruining my backsplash Thank You
    Caprice said..
    Durham, NC

    The plexiglass I ordered looks awesome on the coffee table, fits perfectly and it arrived very quickly, less than a week after I placed the order. The coffee table is in the college kids apartment and I like the plexiglass over glass in case someone drops something on the table as it's much safer than having regular glass and the potential for breakage. The price was very reasonable and again, it looks like real glass. I will definitely order again as the need arises. Thanks for the great product and service.
    Carroll said..
    Nicholasville, KY

    Looks great.

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