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Welder | And Air Supply Hose | AUTOTHERM2 Welder W/26FT Cord [Each]

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Welder | And Air Supply Hose | AUTOTHERM2 Welder W/26FT Cord [Each]
(WEGENER-AUTOTHERM) Wegener Autotherm Welder
Category: Wegener Autotherm Welder

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Overview of Wegener Autotherm Welder

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Wegener Autotherm Welder - Plastic Welding Equipment
The Autotherm is an electronically controlled temperature regulated plastic hot-air welding tool that provides the highest quality welding environment. At the back of the handle is a dial with temperature scale which allows for precise setting of welding temperature. A blinking LED signals to the operator that the set temperature has been achieved. Power surges, air volume changes and intake variations are automatically compensated for. The heating element life is vastly extended since thermal overload is no longer possible. Supplied with a 120 VAC, 800W heating element, the Autotherm is suitable for use with clean air sources or inert gasses (N2).
  • Requires 35 liter/minute (1.2 CFM) of air/gas flow.
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