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प्लास्टिक आपूर्तिकर्ता, प्लास्टिक शीट, प्लास्टिक की छड़, प्लास्टिक ट्यूबिंग, Plexiglass, दुकान हमसे संपर्क करें हमसे संपर्क करें स्थान स्थान हमारे बारे में हमारे बारे में शिपमेंट ट्रैक करना शिपमेंट ट्रैक करना रजिस्टर रजिस्टर लॉग इन करें लॉग इन करें शॉपिंग कार्ट गाड़ी (0)
  • प्लास्टिक शीट, रॉड्स, टयूबिंग, प्रोफाइल, और घटकों में नेता
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Overview of School Virus Barriers & Shields

— School Virus Barriers & Shields - Professional Plastics offers a wide range of PPE and Virus Protective Shields & Barriers for School Classrooms, Offices, Libraries, Lounges, and Cafeterias. This includes Face Masks, Face Shields, Desktop Shields & Barriers, Countertop Shields, Hanging Shields, Sneeze Guards, Kidney Table Barriers, Cubicle Dividers & Mounts, Gloves, and Cafeteria Table Dividers. These products reduce the spread of airborne droplets containing COVID-19 and other communicable viruses. These protective products allow schools to re-open more safely, and establish safety protocols for students, teachers, and staff. Our shields, barriers and other products allow school administrators to provide parents with the peace of mind that your school is taking all necessary steps to mitigate viral spread and ensure student safety. We offer several different models of student desktop shields each designed to meet specific requirements such as portability, rigidity, and durability. Material options for these desktop shields include; PETG (.020" or .040" thick), Polycarbonate (.187" thick) or Acrylic (.220" thick).
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