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पैकेजिंग मशीनरी (3565-प्रधानमंत्री)

अधिक चैनल SICS
Packaging Machinery (3565-pm)

Overview of Packaging Machinery (3565-PM)

— The Packaging Machinery industry involved companies that manufacture machinery, parts and equipment used in the primary and secondary packaging of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, disposable goods and other common items. This market segment may also include companies that manufacture thermoformed plastic packaging, blow-formed plastic bottles and containers, and Foam Packaging Material & Foam Molded Components

Primary packaging is the material that comes in direct contact with the product. For instance, the multi-layer film bag that contains potato chips and the plastic bottle that contains soda are examples of primary packaging.

Secondary packaging is associated with the bundling, identification, labeling and transport of the product. Professional Plastics offers a full-range of materials used for printing of labels (from plastic films), packaging substrate (from corrugated plastics boxes & bins), as well as, the materials used for packaging machinery components for cardboard, paper and plastic handling, cutting, stamping, bending and fabrication.
  • Also see: Plastic Thermoforming Materials

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