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डक्ट बैंक स्पेसर एंड कंडिट (5063-डीबी)

अधिक चैनल SICS
डक्ट बैंक स्पेसर एंड कंडिट (5063-डीबी)

Overview of Duct Bank Spacers & Conduit (5063-DB)

— Duct Bank Spacers - Underground Electrical Duct Bank Spacers & Conduit - Electrical Contractors utilize Underground Duct Bank Spacers and Bore Spacers for Conduit Lines in Trenches / Conduit In-Casing. Electrical Duct bank spacers and bore spacers allow telecommunications and power utility providers to quickly and easily install underground lines within trenches for proper spacing beneath roadways, rail lines, or any other structure.

These duct bank conduit spacers are designed to support various conduit bundles during installation and also reduce load and stress. This method of support protects the conduit lines and the installed cables within. This well-organized conduit spacer design improves the ease of installation & improves identification for any future installations and repairs. Duct Bank Spacers can improve installation times & maximize the use of space within the trench. We manufacture custom duct bank spacers to your job site conduit line specifications. This allows the customer to specify the material specifications, conduit spacing, hole size and separation between duct runs. All our underground conduit spacer products are Made in the USA.
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