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Hexagonal bars are available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials.

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    • Acetal Hexagonal Bar is typically used for the manufacture of plastic fasteners and standoffs. This lightweight, moisture and corrosion resistant material is relatively tough and inexpensive. It is also easy to machine.
    • Also see Nylon Hexagonal Bar.
    • PVC Hexagonal bar is produced through a proprietary state-of-the-art extrusion process to provide porosity-free, stressed-reduced products with optimum physical properties and exacting tolerances. These products consistently machine with ease, part after part. Available products include solid bar, hollow bar, square, rectangular and hexagonal bar. These machining stock shapes provide cost-effective solutions for numerous industrial applications. PVC offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and good thermal and electrical properties. They are approved as noncontaminating for purity applications, and have excellent flammability characteristics. Professional Plastics offers quality-machining shapes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit most application requirements. Other specialty materials such as static dissipative PVC, custom colors, additional sizes and special lengths are available upon request.
    • CPVC Hexagonal Bar - Hexagonal CPVC shapes are used in component fabrication. Items such as nuts, bolts, washers and spacers can be readily machined from these items to provide durable corrosion-resistant components. Emphasis is placed on providing extrusions with minimal sink and smooth surfaces for dimensional consistency and easy reproduction of machined components.
    • Nylon hexagonal bar is strong, lightweight and inexpensive. This material is typically used to create nylon, plastic fasteners and standoffs.
    • For wet or moist applications, consider Acetal Hex Bar or PVC Hex Bar
    • SIZE is measured ACROSS the FLATS
    • Combat® Boron Nitride is a hot pressed hexagonal Boron Nitride. This material exhibits a unique combination of chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal properties, making it suitable for a wide range of high-performance industrial applications. Boron Nitride is an advanced synthetic ceramic material provides unique properties such as from high heat capacity and outstanding thermal conductivity combined with easy machinability and superior dielectric strength. Boron Nitride can easily be machined to close tolerances in virtually any shape. After machining, it is ready for use without additional heat treating or firing operations. In inert and reducing atmospheres, Boron Nitride will withstand temperatures over 2,000°C. It is not wet by most molten metals and slags and can therefore be used as a container for most molten metals including aluminium, cryolite, sodium, iron, steel, silicon, boron, tin germanium and copper.

      Combat's characteristics depend of the type and amount of binder, overall composition and the type of bond between layers. Backed with industry leading technical support, Combat® is provided by Professional Plastics with a full spectrum of solutions in machinable blanks, as well as, custom finished parts.

      Combat® Silicon Nitride comes in five standard grades:
    • Combat® AX05 does not use any binder and is self-bonded, offering the highest purity for high-temperature applications. Non-wet by almost all molten metals, AX05 is recommended for applications such as extreme high-temperature insulators and crucibles for high-purity processing
    • Combat® M and M26 combine the moisture resistance of silica with the unique properties of boron nitride. Differentiated by the amount of SiO2, Combat M offers unparalleled resistance to thermal shock while Combat M26 offers higher thermal conductivity. M and M26 are ideal for applications requiring extreme and exacting dielectric properties.
    • Combat® ZSBN combines the non-wetting properties of boron nitride with the extreme refractory and wear-resistance of zirconia. ZSBN is widely used in a variety of molten metal contact applications.
    • Combat® A uses boron nitride as a binder to create a hard, dense yet easily machinable product best used in inert and dry environments. It is ideal for general purpose high-performance applications.
    • Combat® HP leverages Boron Nitride's outstanding thermal shock resistance with Calcuim Borate Glass's moisture resistance. HP is ideal for light metal processing applications such as aluminum, magnesium and zinc, particularly electrical insulation applications for up to 1000° C.
    • Plastic bar stock from Professinal Plastics is available in a variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes. Round Rods, Square Bars, Rectangular Bars, Hexagonal Bars, Tubes, Profiles, Spiral Rods, U Chanels and other extruded shapes are available from the website. Use the search box above & find exactly what you need.
    • Square PVC Bar Stock:
      PVC Square Bars are supplied through a proprietary extrusion process providing porosity-free, stressed-reduced products with optimum physical properties and exacting tolerances. These bars consistently machine with ease, part after part. These materials offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and good thermal and electrical properties. They are noncontaminating for purity applications, and have excellent flammability characteristics.

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