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Intubation Dome Box [Each]

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Intubation Dome Box [Each]
(Intubation Dome - Base Model) Intubation Dome Box - Base Model
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Category: Intubation Dome Box - Base Model

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Overview of Intubation Dome Box - Base Model

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Intubation Dome Box (Base Model) - This breakthrough innovative design is far superior to existing acrylic intubation boxes. These plexiglass acrylic intubation domes allow for blocking of airborne droplet and aerosol virus transmission allowing doctors to safely access to patient airways during intubation. Each dome is designed with two arm holes for unrestricted arm movement during the tracheal intubation process of COVID-19 patients. These innovative acrylic Intubation Domes protect doctors and nurses from exposure to airborne droplets and aerosols. These protective medical domes are also known as aerosol blocking shields, and can be mass-produced for nationwide hospital distribution.
Excellent Solution for Hospitals & EMS Ambulance Services (One Intubation Dome Per Ambulance is Recommended)
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    Technical Resources:
  • Barrier Enclosure during Endotracheal Intubation - Article & Video on New England Journal of Medical

    Why Choose Intubation Domes over Intubation Boxes:
  • After each intubation, the dome can be easily cleaned thoroughly with 70% alcohol or bleach. It can then be reused for the next patient
  • These Intubation Domes are MUCH EASIER TO CLEAN that competing Intubation Boxes because they have NO CORNERS TO CLEAN
  • Do Not Require any on-site Assembly - No Gluing or Fabrication Required
  • Lower Shipping Costs - (NO BREAKAGE ISSUES)
  • Less Expensive & Far Superior to Cube-Style Intubation Boxes - Domes are Stronger, Lighter & Easy to Handle
  • Innovative Patent-Pending Design
  • These domes are also being used at Skin Care Centers and Facial Spas allowing those businesses to safely re-open.
  • CUSTOMER REVIEWS — Intubation Dome Box - Base Model
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    Dr. Patricia said..
    Las Vegas, NV

    My respiratory therapists are so grateful to have one more layer of protection when caring for our critically ill patients.
    Patricia K. Bain, RRT-NPS
    Director, Cardiopulmonary Services
    Summerlin Hospital Medical Center

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