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Kwikie Hollow Stem Expandable Plug, 3.500, Loop Nut | Item# 5120-35L [Case]

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Kwikie Hollow Stem Expandable Plug, 3.500, Loop Nut | Item# 5120-35L [Case]
Kwikie™ Duct Plugs
Category: Kwikie™ Duct Plugs

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Overview of Kwikie™ Duct Plugs

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Kwikie Plug - Blank Duct Plugs from Cal Am - The original Kwikie brand mechanical plug is one of Cal Am Manufacturing's most popular products. Trusted by contractors world-wide to secure their conduit systems from the costly and often damaging incursion of water sedimentation and nesting animals, these high quality plugs are manufactured from a trio of hi-impact chemically inert resins that will also confine volatile and hazardous vapors to their source.

The Kwikie plug functions by compressing a thermo-plastic elastomer seal between two U.V., ozone and chemically resistant compression plates through the hand-tightening of a loop or wing nut; the compressed seal expanding into full contact with the inside pipe walls thereby providing an effective, permanent, positive seal to your conduit system in seconds. Once in place the Kwikie plug will not move until you decide to remove it.

All Kwikie plugs that are designed for conduit pipe larger than two inches are hollow-stemmed and may be used for feeding or bleeding fluids from your lines (1/2" hose thread adaptor available). Other options include wing nuts or eye nuts for tightening the compression plates, flush-fit vs. inside-fit (the outside compression plate on flush-fit Kwikies will not enter the conduit) and schedule 40 and schedule 80 sizing. All Kwikie plugs come with a 1/2" rope tie for sealing and securing excess rope within the conduit system for future use.

Special Bulk Pricing is available Commercial Electrical Contractors - Contact Rich Kietzke for details -

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