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Plastic Louvers



Plastic Louvers

Parabolic Louvers Improve the Quality of Lighting by:

  • Eliminating glare
  • Rendering more precise light distribution
  • Providing better contrast and image definition
  • Enhancing color rendition of merchandised products
  • Shielding lamps from direct view
  • Reducing luminaire surface brightness for maximum visual comfort

Paracube I

paracube 2
Paracube II

Paracube III

Paracube V

And There's More Benefits:

  • Economy – you can retrofit existing fixtures without additional electrical work
  • Cost Savings – open grid means lower operating temperatures within the luminaire, so lamps and ballasts last up to 50% longer
  • Noise Control – open grid design reduces noise bounce-back compared to a flat lens surface
  • Improved Ceiling and Luminaire Appearance – louvers are the ultimate in contemporary architectural design
  • Controlled Lighting Angles – all light is controlled and directed downward where it's needed. Diffused light by prismatic sheet is uncontrolled resulting in glare and discomfort
  • Improved Productivity – longer attention spans resulting from fewer headaches, reduced eyestrain and less overall fatigue
  • Flexible Room Layouts – perfectly square louver cells means you don't


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