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风管垫片底座4.000 X 1.000 |货号4040-10 [Case]

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风管垫片底座4.000 X 1.000 |货号4040-10 [Case]
(Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers)Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers
类别: 高影响效用管道垫片

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Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers - Cal Am Manufacturing's Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers have been the choice for contractors for nearly three decades; utilizing a proven two-piece design specifically engineered to support duct arrays within trenching prior to encasement, these sturdy, versatile and light-weight spacers will not shift under the weight of your workmen and stay firmly in place during fill.

Available in 18 sizes, Cal Am's Utility Duct Spacers can accommodate duct work ranging in size from 2 to 8 inches while providing duct separation of 1.5 to 3 inches. Our spacers are also available in 18 pre-assembled configurations making them the easiest spacer to install on the market. Just give us a call for a quotation on pre-assembled spacers. - SIZE LIST & PACKAGE QUANTITIES

Molded from the finest grades of high impact polymers using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, these products are highly resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, U.V. light, are virtually indestructible and offer the consistent lot-to-lot conformity that is a must when accurate duct separation is required.

Special Bulk Pricing is available Commercial Electrical Contractors - Contact Rich Kietzke for details -


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