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零售 - 非商业(B2C)

零售 - 非商业(B2C)

Overview of Retail - Non Commercial (B2C)

— Retail & Residential Customers - Whether big or small, Professional Plastics treats all our customers with the respect they deserve. We offer products used for home improvement, as well as, materials for crafters & hobbyists. Materials can be supplied cut-to-size and delivered to your door within a reasonable time & at a fair price. Products are shipped daily from one of our 19 Locations, via FedEx or UPS Home Delivery service. Materials include plexiglass acrylic for tabletops, windows & shields, HDPE for cutting boards, plastic bags, mirrors, vinyl hose & polycarbonate sheet for hurricane protection. Our PatioGlas® patio tabletop replacement glass will alloy you to repair your expensive patio furniture & extend it's service life. We also offer fabricating tools, cleaners & buffing compounds, drill bits, saw blades, adhesives, as well as, safety & designer-grade lighting products.

Professional Plastics also offers a full-range of COVID-19 Protective Products including; Plexiglass Barriers, Medical Face Shields, Face Masks & Gloves.
  • For more COVID Products, see COVID-19 Protective Products Page

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