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  • R&D Test Pack - Machinable Plastics
      Looking for Machinable Plastics ? We realize that Plastic Material Selection can be a challenge. The Professional Plastics' R&D Test Pack includes a variety of machinable plastics materials for testing and specification purposes. See technical data links for more details on each material.
    • Test Packs include 1 piece 1/4" x 2" x 2" in several different materials.

      Standard Machinable Plastics Package Includes:
      1 piece 1/4" x 2" x 2" (or larger) of the following materials:
    • Acetal Copolymer, Nylon, Teflon, UHMW, PVC, Polypropylene, Cast Acrylic, & Polycarbonate Glazing Grade.

      Premium Machinable Plastics Package Includes:
      1 piece 1/4" x 2" x 2" (or larger) of the following materials:
    • Acetal Copolymer, Nylon, Teflon, UHMW, PVC, Polypropylene, Cast Acrylic, Polycarbonate Glazing Grade, PLUS Ultem 1000, PEEK, PVDF, CE Phenolic & G-10/FR-4.

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  • Acetron® GP FDA Colors
      Acetron® GP FDA Colors is a new FDA-Compliant Colored Acetal. Improved process technology now allows Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products to offer seven standard FDA-compliant colors of Acetron® GP acetal rod in small quantities and drastically-reduced lead times.
      The new capability in colored stock shapes for machining overcomes the historical two to three months' lead time and high minimum order volume requirements due to resin and shapes production limitations. All of the new Acetron® GP colors meet the requirements of FDA Regulation 21 CFR, Section 177.2470 (e)(1),(2).
      The colors are ideal where change-out parts need to be quickly and easily identified for use on specific processes.
      Quadrant's Acetron® GP, in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, gray and brown, is available within 3-4 weeks from date of order, in quantities of about 200 lbs per size and color, depending on diameter. Sample discs are available for specification purposes.
      The colors are strictly intended for industrial, pharmaceutical and food-related applications, and are not suitable for medical orthopedic use, at this time.
      This standard set of colors gives engineers access to Acetron GP acetal's porosity-free, low stress and cost-effective performance in machined parts, while adding increased functionality to their end product. The breakthrough is our ability to compress the time and volume formerly necessary for colors from the resin supplier and in our own shapes production.

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  • Acetron® MD (metal detectable)
      Acetron® MD - This copolymer acetal grade, containing a metal detectable additive, has been specifically tailored for use in the food processing and packaging industries where it can easily be traced by the conventional metal detection systems installed to detect contamination of the foodstuffs (results may vary depending on the sensitivity of the metal detection system used). Acetron MD presents good mechanical strength, stiffness and impact strength, and it also features a food contact compliant composition.
    • Color: Blue

      Applications: Food Process Equipment for Funnels, Gears, Guiders, Gripers, and Scrapers

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  • Delrin® 100AF - 20% PTFE (Custom Order)
      Delrin® 100AF (20% PTFE Full-Strength ) is a high viscosity acetal homopolymer containing 20% Teflon® PTFE fibers. It is designed for applications requiring low wear and/or low friction against steel, itself, and other surfaces. This is a CUSTOM-GRADE only.

      Delrin 100AF Sheet (Full Strength 20% PTFE Filled) is classified as National Stock Number NSN: 9330012803453, Part Number: DELRIN100AF Delrin 100AF Rod (Full Strength 20% PTFE Filled) is classified as National Stock Number NSN: 9390012925602, Part Number: DELRIN100AF Delrin 100AF Strip (Full Strength 20% PTFE Filled) is classified as National Stock Number NSN: 9330013470067, Part Number: DELRIN100AF

      The large majority of Delrin 100AF shapes commercially available today are actually blended down to a 13% PTFE known as Delrin AF Blend. For this reason, when customers require a full 20% PTFE filler, we ask that they request material as "Full-Strength Delrin 100AF".
    • Full-Strength Delrin 100AF is available as a Custom-Order Only, as no domestic extruders manufacture this grade as standard.

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  • Delrin® 500AF
      Delrin® 500AF is a medium viscosity acetal homopolymer resin containing 20% Teflon® PTFE fibers. It is designed for applications requiring low wear and/or low coefficient of friction against steel, itself, and other plastics.

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  • Delrin® 527 UV Resistant
      Delrin® 527UV Weather Resistant Black- replaces Delrin 507
    • This material replaced Delrin® 507 which has been discontinued by DuPont.

      Delrin® 527UV is a black homopolymer acetal that has been enhanced with UV stabilizers. It is also available in natural on a custom run basis. Developed by DuPont to replace Delrin® 507, this material is particularly suited to automotive and other outdoor applications. It exhibits improvements in UV aging characteristics and thermal stability. Delrin® 527UV is typically used for industrial applications exposed to the outdoors in such industries as electronics, communications, transportation, construction and marine.

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  • Delrin® AF Blend - 13% PTFE (Standard)
      Delrin® AF Blend (Delrin® AF Blend with13% PTFE [Standard Grade] ) Delrin AF Blend is a unique thermoplastic material for use in moving parts in which low friction and long wear life are important. It is a combination of PTFE fibers uniformly dispersed in Delrin® acetal resin.
    • Delrin® AF Blend typically includes 13% PTFE Fibre-Filled
    • LF-13 is always a 13% PTFE Powder-Filled.
    • Also available in Full-Strength Delrin 100AF - 20% PTFE on a Custom Order Basis.
    • DE588 is a Delrin® 100AF fully-certified for US Naval Specifications.

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  • Pomalloy® SDX (Ivory POM SD)
      Pomalloy SDX® is an Ivory Colored POM SD Product Available from Professional Plastics
      Static electricity is dissipated along the surface and this product does not need humidity or other surface treatments to achieve the antistatic performance. The excellent technical value of surface resistivity of 1010 Ù and volume resistivity of 109Ù .cm are offering cutting edge properties for new applications in various industries. The permanently antistatic property is not influenced by humidity and there is no migration taking place. The product is not containing carbon and therefore prepared for clean room applications. The excellent POM-C (Acetal copolymer) properties as high impact strength, low wear and dimensional stability are not much changed.
    • Unlike other ESd Acetal Products, this Material is IVORY in Color rather than Tan.

      Applications for Antistatic Acetals & Conductive Acetals:
    • Parts in use where electrical discharge in operation is a problem.
    • Industries such as: Disk Drive Manufacturing, Robotics, Material Handling, High Speed Printing, Semiconductor, Mobile Phones.

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  • UNITAL® LF13
      UNITAL® LF13 - Acetal Homopolymer, 13% PTFE Powder filled – Low friction, FDA Compliant, brown color

      Unital Lf-13 utilizes a powdered PTFE at a 13% loading and is compliant with both FDA and USDA regulations at a cost that is up to 33% less than other filled acetal products, making it the workhorse of Nytef's enhanced wear acetal product family.

      UNITAL® Acetal (polyoxy-methylene) offers design engineers a superior blend of strength, stiffness, lubricity, and dimensional stability. These properties, along with inherent machining ease, have made UNITAL one of the most widely used engineering grade thermoplastics.

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  • Unital® SFX0102M - Metal Detectable POM
      Metal Detectable POM (Acetal)
      Unital® SFX0102M is a metal detectable grade of acetal (POM) that is particularly well suited for use in food processing plants that utilize metal detection equipment to sort and discard metal-contaminated products.

      This material provides users with the strength and dimensional stability inherent in standard, unfilled grades with additional stiffness provided by the addition of a metallic filler. It offers excellent machinability, is FDA compliant and is available in a standard, highly visible blue color.

      Unital® SFX0102M Common Applications:
    • Bushings - Bearings - Sort fingers - Scraper blades - Product guides - Conveyor components & Rollers

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  • Delrin® AF- DE588
      Delrin® AF DE-588 is 20% Teflon-Filled Delrin®, fully certified for U.S. Navy use, brown color.
    • NAVSEA 6959311 Rev. B, NAVSEA 803-4384678 Rev. B & C
    • NSN: 9330011953331 DELRIN-AF-DE-588 Plastic Sheet
    • NSN: 9390012222128 DELRIN AF DE 588 Nonmetallic Rod
    • NSN: 9390012231437 DELRIN AF DE 588 Nonmetallic Rod
    • NSN: 9390012646826 DELRIN AF-DE 588 Nonmetallic Rod
    • NSN: 9390013162226 DELRIN AF DE 588 Nonmetallic Rod
    • NSN: 9390014651102 DELRIN AF DE 588 Nonmetallic Rod

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