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  • HDPE Bamboo Rhizome Root Barrier film
      Bamboo Rhizome Root Barrier Film

      HDPE Bamboo Rhizome Root Barrier Film makes an ideal garden plant and grows quickly to provide privacy and beauty. Many designers and contractors are nevertheless hesitant to recommend bamboo to clients unless a root barrier is installed.
      ProPlas® Bamboo Barrier Film has proven to be an effective material to prevent the unwanted spread of bamboo. The smooth surface of the rhizome barrier acts as a root stop, diverting the rhizome and preventing rampant growth. The rhizome will turn and continue to grow along the surface of the barrier. This contains the bamboo and prevents the unwanted spread. The barrier is a thick plastic (HDPE) based material. As you may know already plastic is not biodegradable, therefore a thick plastic will last a very long time underground.
      .040" thick film is great at diverting bamboo rhizomes. We have found the 40 mil to be all you need to divert rhizome growth.

      Plastic thinner than 40 mil has been shown to crack when ground temperatures 24 inches deep get below -15 degrees F.. This would be extremely cold and the 40 mil does great at handling very cold temps. without damage. This plastic barrier film will not crack when frozen like other materials, even concrete will freeze and crack over the years. Concrete was used many years ago as a below ground barrier system and found to crack below the frost line allowing bamboo rhizomes to emerge through to the other side. One of the many myths of bamboo is its ability to crack solid concrete. While a clumping type bamboo may do this, given enough years, a running type bamboo just runs and does not usually apply the outward pressure of a clumping bamboo or hardwood tree.

      Bamboo is persistent and its root system will eventually find cracks in concrete and emerge through them. If the environment ( sunlight & soil ) is suitable once it emerges the bamboo will grow if not terminated. The rhizome ( root ) when growing is very soft and flexible and will always turn when it encounters something harder. Furthermore, installation of a barrier will accelerate the grow of a bamboo screen. The growth will be more dense because of the confinements and stimulate the screening effect.

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  • PVC - Clear Rod & Bar
      Professional Plastics offers premium clear PVC materials extruded into rods, bars & profiles. Made from only the finest raw materials, which have been carefully evaluated to ensure consistency in the finished item. Our Clear PVC materials are listed by NSF International to Standard 61 as being safe for use in potable water applications.

      Many unique and specialty items can be machined from transparent PVC shapes. Clear PVC shapes provide the reliable chemical resistance of standard PVC, and are also fully compatible with standard PVC products with regard to machining characteristics, solvent cementing and other joining methods. In addition to exhibiting desirable physical properties and optimum transparency, this material complies with the provisions of Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations as being safe for use in food-contact applications.

      Clear PVC machining shapes exhibit excellent chemical resistance to a wide variety of corrosives and aggressive reagents. Compatibility with service conditions should be investigated prior to use.
    • Note: Maximum Diameter is 1.0" (25.4mm)
    • Maximum Service Temperature: 140° F

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  • Extren® - Square Bars & Tubes
      EXTREN is a proprietary combination of fiberglass reinforcements and thermosetting polyester or vinyl ester resin systems. It is produced in more than 100 standard shapes and all shapes have a surface veil to protect against glass fibers penetrating the resin surface in service and to enhance resistance to corrosion and UV radiation.

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  • ProPlas Intercept® ESd Moisture Barrier Film
      ProPlas Intercept® is the first ESd, Moisture Barrier Film capable of meeting Clean Room Requirements and other Environmental Protocal. This 'State of the Art' technology was designed for the protection of static and corrosion sensitive materials. Commonly used for ESd & moisture resistant gaylord liners for shipping, Static Intercept was developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs to solve the problems that electronics industry was experiencing with static and corrosion damage. By developing the Intercept Technology, they found a way to solve both corrosion and static problems with a single product, a feat no other single product can currently do. The dual functionality is what makes the technology so unique and revolutionary.

      ProPlas Intercept® Packaging provides the following performance charactertistics:
    • Static Protection
    • Humidity Independence
    • Resistance Characteristics
    • Clean Room Uses
    • Stability
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Environmental Issues & Approvals

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  • Buffing Compound - for polishing plastic
      Use these buffing compounds to polish plastic materials such as plexiglass. Used with a buffing wheel to produce high-quality, clear-edge finishes. Supplied in large 2 pound bars, this buffing compound should last through many successful projects.
    • Red Tripoli Buffing Compound / approximately 2 lb bar. Recommended for use on rough edges like saw cut edges followed by the White or Blue Rouge for Finished edges. P/N 1106755
    • Buffing Compound Blue Rouge approx 2lb bar for finish or final buffing. Preferred by plastic fabricators! Use after Tripoli. P/N 1106756
    • White Rouge Buffing Compound / approximately 2 lb bar. Recommended for final polishing. Contains no abrasives. P/N 1106757
    • Jewelers Red Rouge approx. 2lb bar. Thicker and moister than the Red Tripoli. Often used by jewelry makers, but good for plastics too. P/N 1106768

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  • UHMW Profiles- Guide Rails
      UHMW can be extruded into a limitless variation of custom profiles to suit your needs. Typical Tivar UHMW parts and include: UHMW Guide Rails, UHMW Chain Guides, UHMW Wear Strips, UHMW Pulleys, UHMW Chain Tensioners & other custom profiles. An excellent general-purpose material, TIVAR¡ 1000 (natural) is a cost-effective solution for food handling problems, and meets FDA, USDA and 3-A Dairy guidelines for food processing and handling. Quadrant also offers custom colors compounded with FDA/USDA approved pigments, which meet FDA and USDA guidelines for food processing and handling. Whether your business is grain, pharmaceuticals, pizza dough or frozen poultry, TIVAR¡ material will reliably move your materials and products.
    • Tivar UHMW Profiles are sold in Standard 10 Foot (120") Lengths.
    • See Profiles & Number Reference Guide -Tivar UHMW Profiles & Part Numbers

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  • GlasRod® Fiberglass HIR Rod & Shapes
      GlasRod® Fiberglass Solid Rod and Bar products are widely used in electrical, industrial, and construction applications. Shapes include Round Bar, Square Bar, Rectuangular Bar, A Shape & Dog Bone.

      GlasRod® products are available in 3 basic grades:
    • MTS (Red Color) - most economical for electrical applications. 155° C performance, 50,000 psi tensile strength, 80,000 psi flexural strength.
      - Available in Retangle, Square A & Dog Bone Shapes
    • SG200 (Tan color) - highest temp (210° C), excellent thermal endurance.
      - Available in Retangle, Square A & Dog Bone Shapes
    • HIR(Mint Green Color) - highest physical properties. Excellent electrical properties. 200° C Thermal Performance. Dimensional Stability and 100,000 psi Flexular Strength.

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