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Engineering, Construction, MRO (8711-EC)

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Engineering, Construction, MRO (8711-EC)
Engineering, Construction & MRO Businesses design, build and maintain a wide variety of both commercial and residential facilities ranging from high-tech research facilities, nuclear power plants, universities, banks, government facilities, residential developments, and many more. Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or broken (known as repair, unscheduled, or casualty maintenance). It also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order (known as scheduled maintenance) or prevent trouble from arising (preventive maintenance). Since 1984' Professional Plastics has offered the widest range of materials to developers and maintenance companies. Common applications include glazing, lighting, moisture protection, wall covering, plumbing, electrical insulation, and more.
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(FOAMULAR® Insulation) FOAMULAR® Pink Insulation XPS
FOAMULAR® Pink Insulation XPS
(POLYPRO SHEET-WHITE) Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
Polypropylene Sheets & Rods - White
(ACETAL COPOLYMER) Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
Acetal Sheets & Rods (Copolymer)
(LDPE) LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene
(HDPE DesignBoard) HDPE DesignBoard™
HDPE DesignBoard™
(KYDEX 100) Kydex® 100 Sheet
Kydex® 100 Sheet
(Marinite I Sheet) Marinite I Sheet
Marinite I Sheet
(Duct Bank Spacers / Underground Utility Spacers) Duct Bank Spacers / Underground  Utility Spacers
Duct Bank Spacers / Underground Utility Spacers
EPDM Rubber Sheeting
(Sustarin C MG Acetal) Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
Sustarin® C Medical Grade Acetal Colors
(Bore Spacers) Bore Spacers
Bore Spacers
(POLYURETHANE FOAM) Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane Foam
(Makrolon® LD) Makrolon® LD
Makrolon® LD
(Acrylic Sheet - Rain Pattern) Acrylic Sheet - Rain Pattern
Acrylic Sheet - Rain Pattern

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