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Zotefoams - Plastazote® Foams

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OVERVIEW of Zotefoams - Plastazote® Foams

Zotefoams Product Range: The unique nitrogen expansion process results in a range of foams produced from a wide range of polymers, including LDPE, HDPE PP, EVA copolymers and the recently introduced metallocene catalyst based foams.

Plastazote® Foam (LD45)- Plastazote® is a closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam with a density of 45 Kg/M3. A wide range of polymer combinations give increased stiffness, improved temperature resistance and improved moldability. Application areas include packaging, protective padding contact sports, automotive applications, health care and for construction.

Plastazote® Foam (LD 15)- Plastazote LD15 Low Density Polyethylene Foam with a density of 15 Kg/M3. Plastazote is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam manufactured using Zotefoams unique production process. Plastazote foam LD15 which is available in sheet form and is fabricated by modern techniques and can be thermoformed into shapes.

Plastazote® is acknowledged as the most cited thermoplastic foam material in medical literature. The material is used extensively in a wide variety of medical and health care applications, many of which involve direct skin contact. These outstanding properties stem from the unique manufacturing process technology, which produces a pure, chemically inert foam without blowing agent residues and with a uniform cell structure with regular cell walls.

Latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, the use of Plastazote foams helps reduce skin irritation. Plastazote foams are typified by their highly consistent cell structure. Because they are expanded in a free environment (without the use of a mold) they also have little in-built stress and little tendency to distort during conversion; both features that make them easy to process and fabricate.

Plastazote foams can be routed cleanly to produce the most complex of shapes. Being cross-linked they are equally suitable for thermoforming, either by compression or vacuum molding. They can be split, sawn, water jet cut, die-cut, butt-welded and heat laminated together to form thicker blocks.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Zotefoams - Plastazote® Foams

Properties of Plastazote Foams:
Pure, low odor - Lightweight & durable - Buoyant - Closed cell, water repellent - Excellent chemical resistance - Good thermal insulation - Regular, consistent - Wide range of densities and stiffness from soft, flexible & compliant to firm, hard & rigid - Non-toxic & safe - Highly resistant to ointments & lotions - Easy to work & shape - MRI, CT & X-Ray lucent - CFC & HCFC free
Zotefoams - Plastazote® Foams
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