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VinylGuard® Protective Sleeving
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VinylGuard® Protective Sleeving - Versatile Shrint-To-Fit Vinyl Covering - The ultimate beautification and protection for indoor and outdoor applications. Create premium, differentiated, longer-lasting, attractive products. Ideal for masking during plating or painting operations. Use to bundle, secure and wrap. Color-code products and tools for higher visibility and identification. Shrink 'crystal clear' VinylGuard over logos, instructions, warnings, etc., for a 'see-through', protective, conforming fit.

Cover, Protect & Enhance
Quickly and easily add thick, durable, long-lasting, colorful or clear vinyl over most any type of material including plastics, woods and metals — complex, tapered or irregular shapes are no problem. Heavy-duty, up 50 mils thickness, guards against abrasion, scratches, splinters, nicks and dings, dirt, rust, discoloration from harsh chemicals and fading from long-term UV exposure. Improve the appearance of products and provide years of beauty and maintenance-free protection with VinylGuard's brilliant, high-gloss colors, metallic and translucent finishes
Available Colors: - Black, Blue, Brown, Brushed Aluminum, Clear, Hot Pink, Hunter Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Red, Safety Orange, Safety Yellow, Yellow, & White
  • To order colors not listed in the price calculator below, please send us your request to
    VinylGuard® is an easy-to-apply, thick covering for a wide range of applications
  • Quick and easy to apply using a heat gun or an oven for economical, large volume processing
  • Made from UV resistant polymers — will not fade, crack, peel, rust or stain
  • Far longer-lasting than painting, powder coating or dipping
  • Easy to clean
  • Resists chemicals, oils, grease, acids, chlorinated cleansers, salt, salt water, moisture, fungus
  • Flame retardant
  • Environmentally friendly and safe — contains no hazardous materials
    Available on spools or custom pre-cut lengths
    VinylGuard comes on standard size spools in diameter sizes ranging from 5/8-inches up to 4-inches. Please contact us to determine the optimal specifications for your application.
  •    (VinylGuard Protective Sleeving) VinylGuard® Protective Sleeving
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