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Vespel® SP By DuPont

Vespel® SP By DuPont

Overview of Vespel® SP By DuPont

— Vespel® SP polyimide shapes (Vespel Sheet and Vespel Rods) manufactured by DuPont are offered from Professional Plastics' 21 Locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan. We supply all Vespel SP grades in Sheets, Rods and finished Parts.

Dupont Vespel® polyimide is available in five standard grades:
Vespel® SP-1 - Unfilled. Maximum strength & elongation: lowest modulus & thermal conductivity: optimum electrical.
Vespel® SP-21 - 15% graphite (by weight). Enhances inherent wear resistance, improves long term thermal stability.
Vespel® SP-22 - 40% graphite (by weight). Gives low coefficient of thermal expansion. Maximum creep resistance.
Vespel® SP-211 - 15% graphite and 10% TEFLON® fluorocarbon resin (by weight). Lowest static friction.
Vespel® SP-3 - 15% MoS2 (by weight). Best wear performance in dry environments.

Professional Plastics stocks Vespel® at our 19 locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan

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