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Vesconite (Black)

Vesconite (standard Vesconite - Black) is a specialized thermoplastic made from internally lubricated polymers. Proved since the 1960's as an exceptional bearing material in demanding conditions, Vesconite gives low wear even in dirty or unlubricated conditions. Up to 10 times the life of bronze in dirty conditions. Vesconite has high dimensional stability and does not swell in water, in contrast to most synthetic materials which swell in water. For example, nylon swells up to 3% in water and softens.
  • Rods are Tubes are produced in Standard 1 meter lengths (39.37 inch = 3.28 feet)
    Features of Vesconite:
    High Load Bearing Strength - VESCONITE has very low creep rates under design loadings of 4,351 psi (30 Mpa). Much higher load capacity than nylon and elastomers.
    Dimensional Stability - The thermal expansion factor of VESCONITE is only 2.5 times that of bronze, lower than many of the competitors. HDPE and nylon is 5 and 10 times greater, respectfully.
    No Water Swell - Only 0.5% at ambient. Negligible in sizing calculations. Most of the competition is way above this. Nylon has a 9-10% water swell. Elastomers have a 1.3 - 3% water swell. Phenolics are at generally at 1.6 - 2% water swell. Water swell is one of the primary causes leading to shaft seizure.
    Low Friction - Dynamically, about half that of bronze and nylon. This allows for greater combinations of loads and speeds. Greasing of VESCONITE further deceases friction, allowing higher speeds and improved performance. Water is also an excellent lubricant for VESCONITE bushings.
    Abrasion Resistance - VESCONITE provides outstanding abrasion resistance resulting in many times longer service life, when compared to bronze. It is also outperforms other products in poor lubrication and dirty conditions.
    Longer Life of the Mating Surfaces - The wear of metal pins and shafts is reduced by up to 90% when VESCONITE bushings are used. This fact, alone, justifies the use of VESCONITE ΓÇô less maintenance.
    Chemical Resistance Vesconite is highly resistant to diluted acids, organic solvents, oils, and petrol. It has limited resistance to strong acids and strong alkalis.
    Temperature Resistance -Vesconite can withstand continuous temperatures up to 212°F (100°C) dry and 176°F (80°C) wet, with momentary peaks above this. Above 158°F (70°C) an expansion gap must be incorporated into the bearing design for a proper use.

    Additional Notes:
  • Vesconite has built in lubricants which give a low friction and long life even when greasing does not frequently occur.
  • Vesconite provides outstanding wear resistance, resulting in many times longer service life when compared with bronze. It is also less affected by poor lubrication and dirty conditions.
  • Vesconite has very low creep rates and is suited to design loadings up to 30 MPa (4275 psi). It has a much higher load capacity than nylon, and its compressive strength and clearances are not affected by water absorption.
  • Vesconite does not swell when exposed to water or humid conditions, while nylon can swell up to 3% when immersed. The thermal expansion factor of Vesconite is only 2.5 times that of bronze. Nylon is 5 times greater and UHMWPE is 10 times greater than Vesconite. Vesconite therefore needs only slightly more clearance than the corresponding metal parts. No allowance needs to be made for moisture changes in most applications.
  • Vesconite has outstanding dynamic friction, with a friction coefficient of less than half that of bronze or nylon. This allows for higher combinations of loads and speeds. Greasing of Vesconite bushes on assembly further decreases friction, allowing higher speeds to be used and generally improving performance. Water is an excellent lubricant for Vesconite, making Vesconite ideal for many immersed applications.
  • The wear of metal pins and shafts is reduced by as much as 90% when Vesconite bushes are used. The high cost of replacing expensive shafts and pins can often be saved. This valuable benefit alone justifies the change over to Vesconite in many applications.
  • Vesconite is resistant to dilute and moderate acids, organic solvents, oils and petroleum. It has limited resistance to strong acids and alkalis. Lengthy immersion in boiling water should be avoided.
  • Vesconite machines easily on wood working and metal working equipment, such as lathes, milling machines, bandsaws, drilling machines, planers, spindle moulders and routers.
  • (Vesconite) Vesconite (Black)

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