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Varglas A397 & 343 Acrylic Sleeve (Gr F 155°C)

Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleevings (Grade F 155°C) are produced by curing a modified acrylic resin on a continuous fiberglass braid, with A397 Acrylic best characterized by its flexibility. Both are resistant to most acids, organic solvents, oils and water and exhibit fair resistance to alkalies. They are compatible with modified polyester, acrylic, epoxy, phenolic and formvar wire enamels and are designed to perform for long periods in a 155°C range without loss of any electrical or physical properties.

Both Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleevings conform to, and are listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for, MIL-l-3190/3, latest revision (Grade A); NEMA TF-l, Type 6; and ASTM- D372.Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, both Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleevings in Grade A are recognized for 155°C, 600 volt service under UL File #E63450. CSA International certifies the use of both sleevings in Grade A for 155°C, 600 volt service under CSA File #LR58486. They also are recognized in systems work, per UL Safety Standard 1446, to facilitate product acceptance by UL. Additionally, Grade C-3 Acrylic complies with ULâÇ™s VW-l flammability requirements under UL File #E53690.

Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleevings are used to insulate leads and crossovers in fractional and integral horsepower motors. They also are used in dry and oil-filled transformers, generators and other moisture-sensitive equipment, as well as in home appliances, lighting fixtures, instrument circuits and controls. Additional uses include switchgear, breaker panels, welding equipment and other commercial apparatus subjected to continuous operating temperatures of 155°C, particularly those requiring insulation system compatibility.

Features of Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleeving:
  • Sizes: AWG #24 through 2" l.D. Other sizes subject to inquiry.
  • Standard Color: Natural. Other colors made to order.
  • Standard Packaging: Coils, spools or 36" lengths at manufacturer's option, unless otherwise specified. There is no cutting charge for 36" lengths, but lengths other than 36" are subject to cutting charges. Sizes over 1" l.D. are generally supplied in 36" lengths.
  •    (Varglas A397 and 343 Acrylic Sleeving) Varglas A397 & 343 Acrylic Sleeve (Gr F 155°C)

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