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Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeve (Gr. S 240° C)

Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving is produced by coating braided fiberglass with a specially formulated, proprietary silicone rubber that exhibits exceptional high-temperature properties. In addition to its flexibility,toughness and abrasion resistance, Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber provides superior thermal protection and flame resistance with a higher dielectric capability at less weight than previously available. Its ability to meet a Class 240°C rating, combined with a brittleness temperature of -80°C, makes it an ideal choice for applications that require outstanding physical and electrical insulation properties throughout a wide operating temperature range.

Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving conforms to, and is listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for, MIL-l-3190/9, latest revision (Grade A); and exceeds the requirements of UL 1441, Table 19.8; NEMA TF-1, Type 5; and ASTM-D372. Under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Grade A Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber is recognized for 240°C, 600 volt service and complies with VW-1 flammability requirements under UL File #E63450. CSA International certifies the use of Grade A for 240°C, 600 volt service and flammability requirements under CSA File #LR58486 VW-1/FT1.

Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving is suitable for industrial applications such as motors, generators, transformers and engines where superior dielectric protection at elevated temperatures of 240°C is critical. In addition to automotive engines, Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber's flame resistance and wideoperating temperature range make it particularly well suited for aircraft engines and other aerospace applications where it satisfies electrical and thermal barrier requirements while providing the added benefit of lighter weight.

Features of Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving:
  • Sizes: AWG #24 through 2" l.D. Other sizes subject to inquiry.
  • Standard Colors: Red oxide and Black only.
  • Standard Packaging: Coils, spools or 36" lengths at manufacturers' option, unless otherwise specified. There is no cutting charge for 36" lengths, but lengths other than 36" are subject to cutting charges. Sizes over 1" l.D. are generally supplied in 36" lengths.
  • (Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeving) Varglas 240 Silicone Rubber Sleeve (Gr. S 240° C)
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