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Security - Prisons - Jails (9223-SP)
Security - Prisons - Jails
Prisons, Jails, Detention Facilities and other secured sites often utilize plastic materials for impact windows and bullet-resistant glazing, as well as, other applications within their maintenance departments. Professional Plastics offers several materials to meet various ballistic levels in ...
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Vespel ® Parts & Rings

Vespel ® Rings & assorted Vespel Parts are high-performance polyimide shapes for the world's most demanding applications. Dupont Vespel offers a broad combination of temperature resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness, natural lubricity,wear-resistance and insulation properties. Parts made from DuPont Vespel SP-1 provide operating temperatures from cryogenic to 300°C (570°F), great plasma resistance, plus a UL rating for minimal electrical and thermal conductivity.
Vespel ® SP-1 is the unfilled base resin grade. SP-1 provides maximum physical strength, elongation, and toughness as well as the best electrical and thermal insulation values.

Professional Plastics stocks a complete inventory of Dupont Vespel Rods, Plates, Tubes, Rings & Bars. We offer Vespel Parts made into Screws, Rings & other Parts to match your print specification. Professional Plastics operated 15 stocking locations in the USA & Asia. Locations in California, Texas, New York, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Ohio, Montana & Singapore. Sales offices in Taiwan & Austria.

Vespel is used in a wide variety of applications in Aerospace, Semiconductor, Transportation, Petrochemical and other industries. Applications include screws, clamping rings, retaining rings, thrust washers, torch tips, seal rings, transmission components and more.

Professional Plastics offers all materials as independent supplier and makes no claim regarding the suitability of any material to any particular application. It is the responsibility of the customer to select and test each material to determine the suitability for their specific application. Professional Plastics offers materials and information as an independent supplier.

Benefits of Vespel Screws, Rings & Parts:
  • DuPont Vespel SP-1 offers continuous service to 550F & does not melt at any temperature
  • Ultra Low Outgassing & Excellent Wear Properties
  • Vespel SP-1 is Ideal for semiconductor Vespel clamping rings & Vespel screws
  • (VESPEL PARTS) Vespel ® Parts & Rings

  • Vespel SP-1 Data Sheet
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Vespel SP-1 vs Meldin 7001
  • DuPont Product Overview
  • GE A50 TF146 Class A
  • ASTM-D 6456-99 Ty 1
  • AMS 3644 Class 1
  • Mil-P-46198 Type 1
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