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UltreX™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material

OVERVIEW of UltreX™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material

Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material is available in four standard grades (Paper, Linen, Canvas & G-10) and in a variety of colors and laminate patterns. Micarta® was the original knife handle material is now available in several different colors, combinations, and surface treatments, UltreX™ paper and cotton phenolic materials, and G-10 glass-epoxy materials use the original production methods, updated with today's process and environmental controls.
  • Ultrex™ is now available in Standard Ultrex™, and New SureTouch™ Grades

    New Product Announcement - SureTouch™ Grade is Now Available:
  • Ultrex™ SureTouch™ is a patent-pending composite material made from layers of G-10 and Rubber that is Tough, Long-Lasting and provides Superior Grip.
  • SureTouch™ Product Flyer

    UltreX™ Micarta® & UltreX™ G-10 offers the industries' highest level of aesthetics for knife handles.

    Paper Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Grades:
    Available Colors: KHS600 IV (Ivory) - KHS600 BK (Black)

    Linen Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Grades:
    Standard Colors: KHS300L BK (Black) - KHS300L NA(Natural) - KHS300L GN (Green) - KHS300L RD (Red) - KHS300L WH (White) - KHS300L MR (Maroon)
    Color Combinations: KHS300L 1A (1 Natural/1 Black) - KHS300L 1B (1 Green/1 Black) - KHS300L 1C (1 Red/1 Black) - KHS300L 1D (1 Green/1 Natural) - KHS300L 1E (1 White/1 Black) - KHS300L 1F (1 White/1 Red) - KHS300L 1G (1 Green/1 White) - KHS300L 1I (1 Red/1 Natural) - KHS300L 1J (1 Natural/1 White) - KHS300L 2A (2 Natural/2 Black) - KHS300L 2B (2 Green/2 Black) - KHS300L 2C (2 Red/2 Black) - KHS300L 2D (2 Green/2 Natural) - KHS300L 2E (2 White/2 Black) - KHS300L 2F (2 White/2 Red) - KHS300L 2G (2 Green/2 White) - KHS300L 2I (2 Red/2 Natural)

    Canvas Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Grades:
    Standard Colors: KHS300C BK (Black) - KHS300C GN (Green) - KHS300C NA(Natural)
    Color Combinations: KHS300C 1A (1 Natural/1 Black) - KHS300C 1B (1 Green/1 Black) - KHS300C 1D (1 Green/1 Natural) - 2A (2 Natural/2 Black) - KHS300C 2B (2 Green/2 Black) - KHS300C 2D (2 Green/2 Natural) - KHS300C A3 (1 White/1 Black/1 Green) - KHS300C B3 (2 Natural/2 Black/2 Green)

    Ultrex™ G-10 Knife Handle Material:
    Made from durable fiberglass and epoxy resin, and formed under high temperature and pressure, G-10 is unlike other polymers - it won't melt. G-10 is a rugged, resilient, reliable material suitable for a variety of uses. Now available in several different colors, combinations, and surface treatments, UltreX™ G-10 materials use the same production methods relied upon by the most demanding applications on earth.
    Standard Colors: KHS500 BK (Black) - KHS500C NA(Natural)
    Available Colors: KHS500 BL (Blue) - KHS500 BL () - KHS500 GN (Green) - KHS500 GR (Gray) - KHS500 OG (Olive Green) - KHS500 OR (Orange) - KHS500 TN (Tan) - KHS500 WH (White) - KHS500 CB (Coyote Brown) - KHS500 RD (Red)
    Color Combinations: KHS900G 1K (1 Black/1 Orange) - KHS900G 1L (1 White/1 Black) - KHS900G C3 (1 Red/1 White/1 Blue) - KHS900G D3 (2 Red/2 White/2 Blue) - KHS900G E3 (1 Coyote Brown/1 Black/1 Green) - KHS900G F3 (2 Coyote Brown/2 Black/2 Green) - KHS900G G3 (1 Black/1 White/1 Orange) - KHS900G H3 (2 Black/2 White/2 Orange)

    Peel-Ply Options: - Course Peel Ply - Medium Peel Ply - Fine Peel Ply
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of UltreX™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material

    Features of Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material
  • Available in four grades (Paper, Linen, Canvas & G-10)
  • Manufactured in a variety of colors, color combinations and laminate patterns & surface treatments.
  • Superior toughness and durability in demanding applications.
  • High aesthetic quality for knife handle applications
  • Made in the USA
  • Professional Plastics is a Master Distributor of UltreX™ Knife Handle Stock (19 locations worldwide)
  • (UltreX Micarta Knife Handle Material) UltreX™ Micarta® Knife Handle Material

    UltreX Links:
    Product Images - Colors
    SureTouch™ Flyer - New !!

    Ultrex™ is Made in the USA

    Ultrex™ Micarta® Knife Handle Grades:
  • Paper Grade (KHS600)
  • Linen Grade (KHS300L)
  • Canvas Grade (KHS300C)
  • G-10 (KHS500 & KHS900)
    See More G-10/FR4
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