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UHMW Tape (pressure-sensitive)

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UHMW Tape - Pressure Sesnsive UHMW Tape with Adhesive Surface
UHMW Polymer is a Linear Polyethylene with a molecular weight in the range of 3,000,000 to 6,000,000. This value represents the "average molecular weight". Therefore, UHMW Polymers have a molecular weight average 10 times that of conventional high density polyethylene resins. The higher molecular weight is what gives UHMW Polymers a unique combination of characteristics making it more suitable for many applications where lower molecular weight grades fail. UHMW tape offers pressure sensitive adhesive for applications where mechanical fastening is not practical or for less labor intensive installation.
  • PSA 1 = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on One Size
  • PSA 2 = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive on Both Sizes
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    UHMW Tape Offers:
  • The highest abrasion resistance of any thermoplastic polymer
  • Outstanding impact strength even at very low temperatures
  • An excellent sliding material due to the low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricating (non-caking and sticking)
  • Sound dampening properties
  • Good chemical and stress cracking resistance
  • Easily machined
  • FDA and USDA approved
  • Thickness gauges: (.003" to .125")
  • Custom slitting
  • (UHMW TAPE) UHMW Tape (pressure-sensitive)
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  • Non-Adhesive UHMW Film
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