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Pile Driving Equipment (3531-PD)
Pile Driving Equipment
Pile Driving is a common activity in the construction of large structures such as bridges and buildings. Piles - heavy beams of concrete, steel, or other material - are pounded into the ground by a large "hammer" attached to a crane. Critical in this process is the use of a "cushion pad", which ...
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Tygon® LP 1100 Tubing

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OVERVIEW of Tygon® LP 1100 Tubing

Tygon® LP 1100 Low Permeation Fuel Tubing - Tygon LP 1100 is a low permeation fuel tubing which is highly flexible, easy to install and offers excellent fitting retention. It is resistant to swelling, hardening, and cracking caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids. It features a Fluoropolymer liner compatible with higher ethanol blend gasoline up to 100%. EPA and CARB certified to meet permeation emission standards of 15g/M2/day. Applications include: small engine fuel lines, lawn and garden power equipment, and lubricating oil and grease transfer lines.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Tygon® LP 1100 Tubing

  • Tygon fuel & lubricant tubing for petroleum and petroleum/alcohol blends.
  • Gas and oil tubing for chain saws, small engines, snowmobiles, mowers, etc.
  • Flexible and resists swelling and brittleness.
  • Temperature Range: -35° F to 165° F
  • (Tygon LP 1100 Tubing) Tygon® LP 1100 Tubing

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