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Trespa TopLabPLUS

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Trespa TopLabPLUS Countertop Material.
Clean and Sterile Surfaces
Hygiene, cleanliness, chemical and stain resistance are key requirements. Worktops in laboratories are especially vulnerable. The material used for them needs to be hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, durable, flexible and in line with international standards.

Trespa TopLabPLUS - the ideal and flexible solution
Trespa TopLabPLUS panels meet the requirements of most laboratories while at the same time bringing a range of additional benefits. These include chemical, wear and water resistance.

Chemical Resistance
Used extensively in chemical, analytical, micro-biological and educational laboratories world-wide, Trespa TopLabPLUS is resistant to a large number of aggressive chemicals. They will not mark a Trespa TopLabPLUS surface - if cleaned within 24 hours. Test results show the panel's 24 hour resistance.

Antimicrobial performance
Thanks to its unique surface composition, Trespa TopLabPLUS is non porous. Its anti-microbial properties are incorporated in the product without the use of coatings or additives. This means that these properties will remain active throughout the product's lifetime. Bacteria, moulds and/or other micro-organisms are unable to grow or penetrate the surface. Bacteria stains will dry relatively fast on the surface – and bacteria will not find any source of nutrition on the material.

Trespa TopLabPLUS is ideal for a multi-functional environment. Trespa TopLabPLUS worktops are versatile and provide a tough and long-lasting surface that retains its good looks for many years. Used as part of a mobile and flexible environment, Trespa TopLabPLUS delivers added strength to any laboratory or lecture room. The material's impact resistance makes it suitable for use in e.g. trolley tops.

Trespa TopLabPLUS - a sustainable and Green product
Environmental considerations play a significant role in the development and manufacture of Trespa TopLabPLUS. For the production of Trespa TopLabPLUS panels, Trespa uses a method for converting softwood from certified forests into an attractive, durable, moisture resistant and low maintenance material. Trespa TopLabPLUS is an environmentally sound solution for laboratory worktop applications both today and tomorrow.

(Trespa TopLabPLUS) Trespa TopLabPLUS

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