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Dental Orthodontic Equipt Instruments & Supplies (5047-DT)
Dental Orthodontic Equipt Instruments & Supplies
This industry manufactures tools and other instruments used in clinical practices by dentist offices and dental laboratories. These include diagnostic and procedural tools, cements and other impression materials, instrument storage and cleaning systems and office equipment such as dental chairs and ...
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Tooling Compound EL-323

EL-323 TC COMPOSITE TOOLING COMPOUND is a new and improved material for the construction of tools, jigs, models and other tooling requirements. The system saves a considerable amount of time and labor. EL-323 TC has a convenient mix ratio (1:1 by volume). Mix the blue resin and the yellow hardener into a light green compound. This insures thorough mixing and eliminates any possibilities of "hot spots" in the tool. The system when mixed is a very pliable elastic compound which can be applied to the tool surface without crumbling or cracking. EL-323 TC can also be applied at any thickness above ¼" without excessive exotherm. Tools constructed with Composite Tooling Compound maintain a very high degree of dimensional stability, are light in weight, and can be machined as well as drilled and tapped. All of these qualities allow the system to be used in a variety of tooling applications. EL-323 TC also offers the toolmaker a safer alternative to standard epoxy laminates since both resin and hardener are syntactic which eliminates splash hazards. Clean up is easy with soap and water. Composite Tooling Compound does not contain any corrosive or noxious aromatic amines. This system is both useful and non-toxic.
Features of Tooling Compound EL-323:
  • Two Component epoxy, laminating dough
  • 120-150 Minute Work Life
  • Green
    An easy to use syntactic material developed for the construction of duplicating aids, jigs or fixtures; allowing a considerable time and labor savings in mold construction. Pliable, elastic consistency when mixed allows for ease of application and will not crack or crumble. The convenient 1:1 mix ratio compound is color coded for thorough mix indication and exhibits very low exotherm during cure at any thickness. Tools are stable, light weight, machineable and can be drilled or tapped; use as core material with room-temp epoxy laminating systems: EL-301 or EL-302 PC.
  • Applications: Typical room temperature applications include: duplicating aids, jigs and fixtures.
  • (Tooling Compound EL-323) Tooling Compound EL-323
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