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Machining - Plastic Specialty
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Tivar® UV Resistant UHMW

Tivar® UV Resistant UHMW - Outdoor applications for Tivar® UV Resistant are endless. The modified formula retains all the key properties of Tivar® low friction surface, wear and corrosion resistance, impact strength and, exhibits enhanced stability for outdoor, UV-exposed applications.

In agricultural applications, Tivar® UV Resistant extends the life and performance of field equipment. Parts made from Tivar® UV Resistant are self-lubricating and won't corrode or freeze, offering extended life and improved performance whether used on new machinery or as retrofits on weathered equipment.

Tivar®UV Resistant is available in black and custom colors, in 48" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/16" to 2". It is also available in rod, board, tape, tube and molded parts.

Industries: Agriculture, Marine/Seaports, Recreation, Transportation

Applications: Airboat bottoms, Amusement park wear components, Boat rubrails, Combine skid plates, Dock fender facings, Dump trailer liners, Ice rinks, Plow board liners, Rink kick plates, Salt spinners, Sand/salt boxes, Shank protectors, Skateboard heel stops, Snowmobile belly pan liners, Snowmobile ski skins, Snowplow blades, Snowplow mold boards, Spreaders, Sprockets, Trough liners, Water slide liners, Wearstrips

Features of Tivar® UV Resistant UHMW-PE:
  • Excellent outdoor stability
  • Retains key properties up to three times longer during outside use than non-UV formulations
  • Reduces noise
  • Self-lubricating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No moisture absorption
  • (Tivar UV Resistant UHMW) Tivar® UV Resistant UHMW
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