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Tivar® HPV

Tivar HPV for wear components that are subject to challenging production environments including high speeds, high temperatures, high loads and aggressive cleaning agents. Tivar HPV is an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) that is Food-Contact compliant and available as semi-finished material and custom-machined parts. The material is suitable for all touch points in a conveyor system where friction and wear appears, such as chain guides, sliding strips and guides, rollers, single and multiple corner wear bends and straight guides. Longer productive cycles between maintenance, shorter downtimes and your systems run smoothly with less interruption. The time required for failure analysis and installation of replacement parts is reduced, the safety and return on your investment improves.

Tivar HPV offers better wear-resistance than Tivar 1000 with near zero level of "slip stick". The elimination of slip-stick mostly associated with chatter and/or squeaking, provides an extraordinary amount of motion control for high-precision applications.

Tivar HPV Bearing Grade UHMW-PE:
  • Improved sliding behaviour and high wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Built-in dry lubricant, giving it a limiting pressure velocity (LPV) value 18 per cent higher than competitive materials
  • Tivar HPV offers the lowest coefficient-of-friction value available in a UHMW product.
  • Very low wear of both belt and slide plates
  • COF reduced by 80 %* vs POM-C
  • LPV value appr. 18 %* higher than competitive dry lubricant material
  • Food Contact Compliance
  • Noise reduction

  • (Tivar HPV UHMW) Tivar® HPV
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