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Tefzel® - ETFE Tubing

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Tefzel ® ETFE Tubing (extruded) and Tefzel ETFE Tubes (molded) provide both corrosion resistance and mechanical strength over a wide temperature range. The fluoroplastic family offers plastics with high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability, resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation. Tefzel is a preferred material for HPLC applications
Tefzel Tubing & Tubes are produced in the following forms:
  • Thin-Wall Extruded Tubing - normally supplied in coils up to 100 ft (or more)
  • Heavy-Wall Extruded Tubes - normally supplied in Six Foot Lengths
  • Heavy-Wall MOLDED Tubes - normally supplied in Custom Lengths of 12" long (305mm) or less.
  • Tefzel is a registered tradename of DuPont
    Tefzel ® ETFE Tubing Features:
  • High purity performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good permeability resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance over a temperature range of -300°F to +300°F (-185°C to +150°C).
  • Tefzel is available in Tefzel Tubing, Tefzel Sheets, Tefzel Rods & Tefzel Film.
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