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Tec 2000 - Hard-Coated Plastic Sheets

Tec 2000 Hard-Coating of Plastics - When applied to Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, or other compatible substrates, TEC 2000 coating is nearly as scratch and abrasion resistant as glass.

Applications: TEC 2000 can be used to enhance safety and aesthetics in almost any application:
  • Safety Glazing, Machine Covers and Panels, Boat Windows, Safety Mirrors, Display Panels, Security Windows, Computer Face Plates, Bus and RV Windows, Tractor Windows, Face Shields, Edge Lighted Menu Boards, Sport Courts

    Related Product: ACRYSPORT ARENA GLAS (see image)
    ACRYSPORT ARENA GLAS is a TEC-2000 sister product that gives you the strength of TEC-2000 with the slick properties of the ACP NOXTAT OPTEC lens Coating. Our ACRYSPORT ARENA GLAS is scratch and abrasion resistant with the broadest range of chemical and solvent resistance available. ACRYSPORT ARENA GLAS is a transparent coating typically applied from 4 to 6 microns thick.

    Applications - ACRYSPORT ARENA GLAS can be used in almost any sports application where high impact and maximum durability is a requirement
    TEC 2000 is available in clear, transparent gray and transparent bronze colors. Tints for UV filtering and other light filtering are available by special order for applications where some wavelengths may interfere with processing operations.

  • Thickness of Coating: 10 to 90 mils, on sheets in .125", .187", .250", .375" and .500" thicknesses
  • (Polycarbonate - Tec 2000) Tec 2000 - Hard-Coated Plastic Sheets
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