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Photography Studios (7220-PH)
Photography Studios
Photography Studios, Equipment & Supplies - A photographic studio is both a workspace and a corporate body. As a workspace it is much like an artists studio, but providing space to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs. Photographic training and the display of finished photographs may also ...
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Takiron Co. Ltd.

Takiron Co. Ltd.
Takiron Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of industrial plastics for the high-tech sector including; Static Dissipative Materials, Corrosion-Resistant Materials, and FM Fire Safety Materials. Takiron sheets are available from Professional Plastics 19 Locations in the USA, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Static Dissipative Materials
At work sites in high-tech industries such as semiconductors, electronics, medical, food and biotechnology, an ultra-clean environment is vital. Takiron ANTI-STATIC PLATE effectively & continuously eliminates static electricity. This unique technology is not detrimental to the physical properties of its substrate plates including rigid PVC, Polycarbonate, Acrylic & PET.

Corrosion-Resistant Materials
Takiron's Corrosion-Resistant Materials feature superb chemical-resistance mechanical strength, & workability. These products include Rigid PVC, PP, PVDF, & PET.

FM Fire Safety Materials
FM fire safety materials are fire safety materials intended for use with clean rooms certified under the FM4910 Standard. The materials feature excellent anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, & electrical isolation properties.
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