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Tygon® R-3603 Vacuum Tubing

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Tygon Tubing - Type R-3603
Tygon® R-3603 Vacuum Tubing has extra-heavy walls that will withstand a full vacuum at room temperature (29.9" [759 mm] of mercury at 73°F [23°C] and up to 27" [686 mm] of mercury at 140°F [60°C].

Like standard Tygon® Laboratory Tubing, Tygon® Vacuum Tubing resists most inorganic chemicals and can be used in corrosive atmospheres.

Clarity allows monitoring for possible backups which could result in equipment damage. Tygon® Vacuum Tubing will not swell closed if vacuum pump oil should back up into it. Low vapor pressure (low outgassing) makes it suitable for vacuum applications down to 3 x 10-2 mm Hg at 165°F (74°C). Ideal for analytical testing of gases or vapors. Well-suited for use in making manometers.

  • Tygon R-3603 Tubing holds full vacuum at room temperature
  • Will not crack and age like rubber tubing
  • Excellent clarity for visual inspection
  • (TYGON R-3603 Vacuum) Tygon® R-3603 Vacuum Tubing

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