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Torlon® 4203 Balls

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Torlon® balls are used for high-strength, wear-resistant ball bearings.
  • Excellent for High-Load Recirculating Ball Bearings.
    Automotive Application: Torlon Check Balls for 4-Wheel-Drive Vehicle Transmissions
    The durability of high-torque automatic transmissions was improved when Chrysler product development engineers specified Torlon® poly(amide-imide) resin for the check balls. The resin was selected for multiple variations of three- and four-speed transmissions coupled to the Magnum Engine product line. The check balls withstand system pressures, and provide excellent sealing surfaces without causing metal damage, and without adverse reaction to transmission oil at temperatures approaching 300°F.
    Boating/Sailing Application: Headsail Roller Furlings:
    Torlon® ball bearings in each swivel carry the load so that the sail furls freely. An over center halyard attachment can distribute the load uniformly to each ball bearing, providing a smooth rotation.
    Small Boat Traveller Cars move freely, even under high non-vertical loads. Low-load dinghy cars use Delrin Bearings, while hi-load cars for large dinghies, keel boats and offshore boats to 27 ft (8m) use Torlon® balls to increase working load. Torlon balls provide maximum load carrying ability.
    Torlon Ball Bearings increase rolling load by 40% verses acetal balls in recirculating ball bearing travellers !!
  • Size Range: (Inches): 1/8-1/2 diameter
  • Sphericity +/- (Inches): 0.0005"
  • Tolerance +/- (Inches): 0.0005"
    Please allow 10-14 days for standard delivery.
  • (TORLON BALLS) Torlon® 4203 Balls

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