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Torlon® 5030

Torlon ® 5030 is 30% glass-reinforced, PAI that is typically injection-molded, but can also be compression-molded, OR EXTRUDED into basic shapes. It is ideal for higher load structural or electronic applications. Professional Plastics offers basic shapes on this page as EXTRUDED from Torlon 5030 Resin. Extruded Torlon 5030 offers the lowest CLTE (just 0.90 x 10-5) in a unidirectional pattern along the extrusion direction due to the natural alignment of the glass-fibers during the extrusion process. If a greater multi-directional stability is required, consider Torlon 5530 (compression-molded). Due to the random disbursement of the glass-fibers during the compression-molding process, Torlon 5530 provides greater multidirectional stability, yet less unidirectional stability.
  • For compression-Molded Torlon 5530 Plates, see See Torlon 5530

    The most cost-effective production method, but offering the least performance, is Injection-Molding. Torlon 5030 injection-molded parts are selected for smaller shapes or when the greatest degree of dimensional control is required. If you require injection-molded parts, please send us your drawing by e-mail to

    Torlon 5030 is also becoming the material of choice for Frac Balls used in oil & gas exploration Click Here for Torlon 5030 Balls
  • Applications for Torlon 5030 include burn-in sockets, gears, valve plates, impellers, rotors, terminal strips, and insulators.
  • Produced in 12" x 48" (305mm x 1220mm) and 4" x 48" (101mm x 1220mm) Extruded Sheets
  • (TORLON 5030) Torlon® 5030
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