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Torlon® 4540 Duratron®

OVERVIEW of Torlon® 4540 Duratron®

Torlon® 4540 (aka Duratron® T4540) compression molded PAI is a seal and bearing grade offers a very low coefficient of friction and good wear properties. It was developed specifically for use in rotating equipment. Its composition is the same as the former Torlon 4340 polyamide-imide and used when larger (especially tubular) shapes are required. Torlon 4540 was developed by, and is exclusive to Quadrant, sold under the brand name Duratron® T4540.

As increasing world demand for petroleum and chemical products push manufacturing facilities to maximum capacity, engineers are searching for ways to improve efficiency and increase output. Pump and compressor manufacturers and equipment re-builders are exploring the use of advanced polymer materials as replacement for traditional metals and exotic composites to extend the life and efficiency of seals. However, the materials used must withstand extremely severe conditions of temperature, pressure and aggressive chemicals.

Seals machined from Torlon® 4540 improve the output and service life in gas re-injection compressors. The material is more damage resistant during start-up and process upsets than metals, and affords greater resistance to corrosion and dynamic wear.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Torlon® 4540 Duratron®

Features, Benefits & Applications of Torlon® 4540 (aka Duratron® T4540 PAI:
Machined seals made from Torlon 4540 provide significant increases in efficiency, immediately and over time, fewer repairs and replacements due to damage during upsets, and longer MTBR (Mean Time Between Replace/Rebuild).
  • Increased Efficiency and Output in Severe Service
  • Typical applications for Torlon 4540 PAI include labyrinth seals, wear rings, bushings, and bearings of all types.
  • Used for Centrifugal Compressor Seals for Chemical Processing
  • (TORLON4540) Torlon® 4540 Duratron®
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