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Test Socket Materials - Test Handler Change Kits

Test Socket Materials - Test Handler Change Kits - Professional Plastics stocks a broad range of high-performance materials used for IC Nests & Test Sockets. We also handle stable high-temperature materials used in Probe Test Equipment.

There are many factors to consider when fielding today's high-tolerance sockets. Future requirements will be even more demanding. That's why designers need a grounding in the comparative thermal, mechanical, and machining factors of various materials. Important, too, when selecting materials is an understanding of the end use environment and needs. Next-generation 0.5-mm pitch chipsets push the limits on burn-in and test-socket materials that must be drilled to exacting tolerances and be dimensionally stable under high stress test conditions.

With locations in the USA, Singapore & Taiwan, Professional Plastics stocks the world's largest supply of high-performance engineering plastics for semiconductor handling, disk drive and I.C Testing applications. Professional Plastics will quickly process your shipment worldwide via UPS, FedEx or DHL Collect.

Test Socket Materials - Test Handler Change Kits
Materials include: CeramaPEEK® (ceramic-filled PEEK), Profine® (filled PPS), Sumika Super S1000, Torlon® 5530. Torlon® 4203, Vespel® SP-1, Macor®, Ultem® 1000 & 2300, Semitron® ESd 225, 410C, 420, 500HR & 520HR.
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  • (TEST SOCKET MATERIALS) Test Socket Materials - Test Handler Change Kits
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