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P.O.P. Display & Store Fixtures (2541-PP)
P.O.P. Display & Store Fixtures
Point Of Purchase Displays make products appear more professional and appealing to the customer's eye. They are an integral component of successful marketing, but remain invisible to the average consumer. The customer is thinking about a particular product but often they are drawn to the one which ...
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PTFE Tubes & Rings - Molded

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PTFE is renowned for its temperature resistance and slick, non-stick qualities. As an industrial material, PTFE has exceptional chemical resistance, high and low temperature durability, low coefficient of friction and superb insulating qualities. It lacks toughness for abrasive applications, however, and is not readily fastened together using adhesives unless the surface is "etched" to accept the bonding agent. PTFE properties can be improved with the addition of fillers such as glass fiber and carbon.
  • PTFE Tubes sold on this page are compression-molded as ordered.
  • Typical Lead-Time is 10-14 Business Days. Faster Delivery Upon Request.
    PTFE Tubes & Rings Feature:
  • Operates at up to 500 F
  • Non-stick surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excllent insulative properties
  • (TEFLON TUBES-MOLDED) PTFE Tubes & Rings - Molded
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