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PTFE - Carbon-Filled

Carbon-Filled PTFE was developed for its mechanical properties. The two basic materials used in these compounds, by themselves, are very questionable. PTFE has good frictional properties including low wear rates and good elasticity. The carbon filler is brittle and has low wear properties. Both fail at high loads and increased velocities. When both elements are formulated and properly blended together, they become an extremely good material for use as seals and rings in the reciprocating compressor industry. The properties increase several hundred times. Wear resistance is changed dramatically compared to Virgin PTFE. The type and percentage of carbon is critical to material performance. Carbon filled has a higher percentage of filler than any other PTFE blend. Therefore the two materials must be similiar in size to prevent voids in the molded billet. For optimum wear properties, the filler percentage is also important. Lower percentages are easier to machine but do not perform as well in service. AVA56 PTFE material, is designed for optimum wear properties in all suitable applications.
The molding cycle is also important to provide proper pysical properties. At higher molding pressures the material has higher density and more filler is required. Not all carbon filled PTFE is of the same quality.

  • Extremely good material for use as seals and rings in the reciprocating compressor industry.

    Note: Tests have shown that 25% carbon-filled PTFE will hold up to 900 fpm and 2000 psi for unlubricated applications and up to 3500 PSI in lubricated service. As long as the gas being compressed is relatively clear of solids and liquids, you can expect favorable performance for this family of filled PTFE in the following gas service: HYDROGEN AMMONIA, NITROGEN ETHANE, NATURAL GAS PROPANE, ETHYLENE
  • Different filler percentages will change the properties. (contact us for details)
  •    (TEFLON CARBON FILLED) PTFE - Carbon-Filled

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