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Sustarin® C MDT - detectable acetal

SUSTARIN® C MDT - metal detectable acetal for the food & packaging industries.
Finally, an engineering plastic is available that provides all of the physical properties of acetal, can be sensed by metal detectors and best of all it is FDA compliant.

SUSTARIN® C MDT is a solution to many food processing and packaging applications. Most of the food products that we consume every day come into contact with different machines during the manufacturing and packaging processes. If just a small part or component from any one of those machines finds its way into the food there can be serious health risks.

SUSTARIN® C MDT has special additives that allow it to be traced by standard metal detectors and removed before causing further contamination. Quality assurance engineers at some of the largest food processing manufacturers in the country have already tested this product and found it to be highly effective.

The important mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties remain unchanged in comparison to standard acetal. This engineering plastic is easily machined and has excellent dimensional stability for close tolerance parts. SUSTARIN® C MDT complies with FDA regulations concerning direct contact with food and is offered in rods from 1/4" to 8" diameter and sheets from 3/8" to 4" thick in a brilliant blue color.

SUSTARIN® C MDT - Typical Applications:
  • Scraper Blades, Bushings, Agitators, Mixer Components
  • Bearings, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Rollers, Guides, Pillow blocks
  • SUSTARIN® C MDT can be sensed by standard metal detectors.
    It is the responsibility of the user to test and approve the metal detection of this product due to variations in the metal detection systems and required sensitivity settings.
  • (SUSTARIN C MDT detectable acetal) Sustarin® C MDT - detectable acetal
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