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PolyOne is the parent company of Spartech/Royalite, Polycast, & Townsend Plastics. Professional Plastics has distributed these premium brands for more than 30 years, and each of these products is available through our 18 locations worldwide (USA, Singapore & Taiwan).
Spartech/Royalite is the world's largest extruder of custom thermoplastic sheet and rollstock. The group's finished products are generally thermoformed for use in items ranging from packaging and signs to spas & automobible components. Products range from general purpose & flame retardent ABS to PETG, polyethylenes, & impact resistant custom formated polymer alloys. These materials are produced in a wide range of standard and custom colors, as well as, custom sheet sizes and special finishes.
Polycast is the world's largest manufacturer of specialty cell cast acrylic sheet and a leading supplier of aircraft transparencies, marine doors, tanning bed shields, optical & biomedical components, furniture, aquariums and transparent ballistic enclosures. Polycast is also a leading producer of cast acrylic sheet for aircraft cabin windows, fighter canopies, windscreens, wing-tip lenses, outer laminates and instrument panels for general aviation and military aircraft (Mil-P-5425, Mil-P-8184, Mil-P-25690).
Townsend Plastics Division manufactures a full-range of Cast Acrylic Rods and Tubes.
  • Spartech Product Range Brochure

    (ABS FORMING GRADE GP) ABS Sheet  - General Purpose Forming Grade
    ABS Sheet - General Purpose Forming Grade
    (ABS FORMING GRADE - FR) ABS Sheets - FR (Flame Retardant) Forming Grade
    ABS Sheets - FR (Flame Retardant) Forming Grade
    (Acrylic IR Sheet - Infrared Transmitting) Acrylic IR Sheet - Infrared Transmitting
    Acrylic IR Sheet - Infrared Transmitting
    (Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade) Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade - COLORS
    Acrylic Rods - Cast - Machine Grade - COLORS
    (Acrylic Sheet - Bullet-Resistant Polycast) Acrylic Sheet - Bullet-Resistant Polycast
    Acrylic Sheet - Bullet-Resistant Polycast
    (EXTREME LG TPO SHEET) Extreme™ LG Low-Gloss TPO Sheet
    Extreme™ LG Low-Gloss TPO Sheet
    (GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels) GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels
    GlasArmor™ Ballistic Resistant Panels
    (PETG - UltraTuf™ SG) PETG - UltraTuf™ SG
    PETG - UltraTuf™ SG
    (POLY 2000 (MIL-P-25690)) Poly 2000 (MIL-P-25690) Stretched Acrylic
    Poly 2000 (MIL-P-25690) Stretched Acrylic
    (POLY 76 (MIL-P-8184)) POLY 76 (MIL-P-8184) Acrylic
    POLY 76 (MIL-P-8184) Acrylic
    (POLY 84 (MIL-P-8184)) POLY 84 (MIL-P-8184) Acrylic
    POLY 84 (MIL-P-8184) Acrylic
    (POLY A (ASTM D-4802)) POLY A (ASTM D-4802)
    POLY A (ASTM D-4802)
    (POLY II) POLY II (MIL-P-5425) Acrylic
    POLY II (MIL-P-5425) Acrylic
    (POLYCAST AEROSPACE PRODUCTS) Polycast Aerospace Acrylic - Overview & Links
    Polycast Aerospace Acrylic - Overview & Links
    (POLYCAST ACRYLIC) Polycast GP - Cast Acrylic Sheet
    Polycast GP - Cast Acrylic Sheet
    (ROYALITE R12) Royalite® R-12 Sheet
    Royalite® R-12 Sheet
    (ROYALITE R20) Royalite® R-20 Sheet
    Royalite® R-20 Sheet
    (ROYALITE R21) Royalite® R-21 Sheet
    Royalite® R-21 Sheet
    (ROYALITE R26) Royalite® R-26 Sheet
    Royalite® R-26 Sheet
    (ROYALITE R47) Royalite® R-47 Sheet
    Royalite® R-47 Sheet
    (Royalite R57) Royalite® R-57 Sheet
    Royalite® R-57 Sheet
    (ROYALITE R59) Royalite® R-59 Sheet
    Royalite® R-59 Sheet
    (Royalite R60) Royalite® R-60
    Royalite® R-60
    (ROYALITE R85-21) Royalite® R-85/21 Sheet
    Royalite® R-85/21 Sheet
    (Royalite R71 Sheet) Royalite® R71/920
    Royalite® R71/920
    (Royalite R84/R21) Royalite® R84/R21Sheet
    Royalite® R84/R21Sheet
    (ROYALITE-ABSR63) Royalstat ® R63 Conductive ABS/PVC
    Royalstat ® R63 Conductive ABS/PVC
    (SANITARYWARE) Sanitaryware Multilayer Sheet
    Sanitaryware Multilayer Sheet
    (Solacryl™ UVT Sheet) Solacryl™ UVT Sheet
    Solacryl™ UVT Sheet
    (SPARTECH SP-9010) Spartech SP-9010
    Spartech SP-9010

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