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Aeseptic Sterile Beverage & Pharma Filling Systems (3823-BP)
Aeseptic Sterile Beverage & Pharma Filling Systems
Aseptic processing is commonly used for the packaging of milks, fruit juices, liquid whole eggs, gravies, & tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are aseptically processed & packaged for year-round remanufacture into various food products. Aseptic processing is the process by which a sterile (aseptic) product ...
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Solvay Advanced Polymers

Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C. produces more plastics with more performance than any other company in the world. With fourteen distinct families of high-performance and ultra-performance plastics, Solvay Advanced Polymers gives design engineers worldwide more ways to solve top design challenges in automotive, healthcare, electronics, aerospace, plumbing, water purification and other demanding industries. Solvay Advanced Polymers (SOLVAY) manufactures high-performance and ultra-performance plastics such as; Torlon® PAI, Radel® A PESU, Radel® R PPSU, Udel® PSU, KetaSpire® PEEK, AvaSpire® Modified PEEK and more. Professional Plastics can supply all your needs for high-quality Solvay plastic materials (Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Films & Resins).
  • Radel R5000 Properties
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  • Radel R7159 Properties
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  • Radel R7700 Properties

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