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Silicone Rubber Sheet - Translucent

Silicone Rubber Sheet - Translucent
Translucent Grade silicone sheeting can be used in a variety of applications. Silicone exhibits a wish list of characteristics including superb chemical resistance, high temperature performance, good thermal and electrical resistance, long-term resiliency, and easy fabrication. It also possesses excellent UV and ozone resistance. This material is low volatile, peroxide free and does not discolor over time Silicone is odorless, tasteless, chemically inert and non-toxic. It offers all FDA approved ingredients, low compression set and fungus resistance.

Common Applications:
Silicone rubber can be used for insulating and cushioning electronic assemblies. It is also used for burn victims to keep bacteria out, LCD displays, sensors for lasers and assemblies, gaskets, automotive seals and hoses, shaft sealing rings, spark plug caps, vibration and sound damping, industrial rollers, press pads, thermal shielding, food and cosmetic services, heat sealing and packaging and grommets.
  • Translucent Silicone Rubber
  • Color: Translucent / Milky White
  • Temperature Range: -103ºF to +450ºF
  • Elongation: 500% per ASTM D412
  • Tear, psi Die ôB": 150 (per ASTM D624)
  • Durometer Hardness ±5 50A
  • Tensile Strength, psi 1000
  • Stretch Limit % 300
  • Translucent silicone is chemically inert with no odor or outgassing properties in its solid state.
  • Transparent rubber maintains good tensile strength for a thinner material.
  • Also meets FDA standards.
  • (SILICONE RUBBER-TRANSLUCENT) Silicone Rubber Sheet - Translucent
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