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Surlyn® Ionomer

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OVERVIEW of Surlyn® Ionomer

Surlyn® is a tough, easily formed thermoplastic sheet/film product. It is a milky clear sheet whose transparency improves as thickness decreases. Surlyn® is commonly used in orthotics/prosthetics applications where the need is high for toughness, durability and high resistance to chemical attack.In thinner gauges the product is commonly used for packing. Surlyn's specific gravity (.94 - .97g/cm3) combined with its toughness and low temperature impact allows it to be used to manufacture floating buoys for the marine market. Used alone or in combination with other resins, Surlyn® resins deliver outstanding impact toughness, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance in a variety of consumer and industrial products. Because Surlyn® is a remarkably clear plastic, it can be used to replace glass or crystal. Unlike other clear plastics, Surlyn® is highly resistant to chemicals and oils, enabling unique packaging options for perfumes and cosmetics. When color is added, the resin assumes a deep translucence. Colors can be mixed to create a polished stone or marble appearance if desired.

Applications: - Applications of this material are similar to those of optical sheet plastics. The advantage to low working temperature, high stiffness values, fast cycle times, and high impact resistance make Surlyn an excellent choice for Prosthetic Check Sockets, facial burns masks, and all shells and cuffs where visualizing underlying tissues is critical. Surlyn is an optical resin that allows excellent detection of soft tissue pressure and topical burn areas. It features excellent clarity, elasticity, and impact strength. Surlyn produces fair mold detail reproduction, but requires specific molding techniques.


Features of Surlyn®
  • Tough - Easily decorated - Lightweight - Excellent low temperature impact - Formable - Impact toughness - Abrasion resistance & High Clarity
  • Sterilization - Surlyn can NOT be heat sterilized, because of its low softening point. It may be sterilized using either radiation with a maximum of 5.0 megarads or ethylene oxide (used in a 12%/88% ethylene oxide/freon gas mix).
  • (SURLYN) Surlyn® Ionomer

  • Surlyn Overview & Details
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