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SIMONA® PVC-C Corzan® FM 4910 G2

OVERVIEW of SIMONA® PVC-C Corzan® FM 4910 G2

Simona® PVC-C Corzan FM 4910 G2 is a FM approved chemical grade CPVC in white color.
  • This material is FM4910 rated on thicknesses of .250" and above.
    The semiconductor and electronics industry demands sophisticated, controlled processing environments to ensure a high level of quality in its valuable goods. Manufacturing areas and cleanrooms are designed to be virtually free of contamination at every stage of production. After all, the investments made are considerable: billion-dollar wafer fabrication plants, multi dollar tooling and expensive work in process and finished goods. Fires and other upset conditions cost time, resources and reputations.

    Specifications and Standards
    Recently, fire protection methods, processing conditions and the materials used in the tooling of plants have been scrutinized by organizations that include underwriters, public safety overseers, technical councils and advisors as well as testing laboratories and trade associations. The national Fire Protection Association Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International are among the influential groups addressing products performance specifications and standards.

    Reducing Risk and Loss Due to Fire
    One method to reduce risk and loss due to fire is to increase the flame retardancy of materials used for fabrication tools found within cleanrooms and processing areas of fab plants. The complexity of tooling design demands a variety of sheet options, suited to the application and manufacturing conditions.

    SIMONA® Fire Safe Products
    As the consensus is on the horizon, SIMONA AMERICA is proud to offer specialized Products for critical applications within the semiconductor and electronic industry. Our materials have been tested for their compliance to these new standards, and for their performance within the manufacturing environments in which they reside.

    Features of PVC-C Corzan® FM 4910 G2 chemical-grade CPVC:
  • FM 4910 listed (at .250" thickness and above) chemical-grade CPVC
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • Excellent high-temperature distortion resistance
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Self-extinguishing, flame retardant and smoke reducing ,li>Easily fabricated, welded and machined
  • One-side protective foil
  • Accurate to dimensional tolerances

    Application Areas;
  • Semiconductor processing equipment
  • Clean-room technology
  • (SIMONA PVC-C CORZAN FM 4910 G2) SIMONA® PVC-C Corzan® FM 4910 G2

    Simona Corzan G2 Datashaeet

    FM4910 rated at .250" & above
    See More FM-4910
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